Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Dontcha Love That?

Ever buy (or rip) a CD for one song, ignoring the rest for ages, but hey, you've got gigs and gigs of space, so why not leave them on there? Then one day you find yourself needing inspiration, feeling a genre you just need something new from. What do you do? You flip thru the mp3 (or CD) collection and dust off those songs you never listened to, only to find a total gem that never got popular? Then you sit there, mouth totally agape, wondering how you lived this long without that tune on your playlist. You wonder how society could have wronged music by not making this song popular so DJs could play it on the radio till you wanted to rip your ears off. You become convinced that this song, if it got airplay, would be the one you could stand hearing over and over and over and over on 102.7FM during that hellish summer at Cedar Point, locked in the finance department counting millions of dollars, wishing you got paid overtime, wishing that hot foreign chick would talk to you but fearing that even if she did, her accent would be too heavy to comprehend. Then you balance the entire vault that night, walk out to your car at 4am after a 12-hr day, humming your new favorite song, only to get in the car and discover that SOMEHOW, as if by magic, you stopped humming exactly the point where the song started up in your car?

Or maybe it's just me.

Anyway, I'm proud to say that I discovered Live's
Pillar of Davidson way back when Throwing Copper first came out, and evidently so did enough others to warrant it being on their first greatest hits CD. That, or they knew what an awesome song it was.

Another great tune that never got popular to my knowledge was the Spin Doctors'
Shinbone Alley/Hard To Exist. Go get it. Now. It's about 12:40 in length, but oh so worth it.

Third is Rammstein's
Mein Herz Brennt. Pretty much the whole Mutter album is fucking bad ass, so if you don't own it, shame on you. Having this song as an opener blew my mind, tho. Simply incredible use of hard rock and string orchestra.

Last but certainly not least is a song called
Bullets by Creed. It's off their Weathered album and is the reason I started writing this post in the first place. These other songs just came to mind for the same reason...they are awesome and shame on you for not recognizing them. I threw Bullets on the playlist, not really knowing what to expect. Creed pumps out some killer music, whether I agree with the "message" or not. After the requisite mysterious intro, not unlike Mein Herz Brennt, the song kicks in, and my head exploded. I'm still sitting here with crazy glue trying to put it back together. Holy shit is this an adrenaline song. It's up there with I Stand Alone by Godsmack and Disposable Heroes and Creeping Death by Metallica. Go. Play. Now.


Buy a stick of crazy glue, since it apparently comes in stick form now, like a chapstick tube, and carry it around in your pocket. Not only does this afford you the opportunity to stick lots of random shit together wherever you go, but if someone asks for chapstick, make sure the crazy glue label has been peeled off prior to this, and give it to them. Then laugh at them. Just make sure you put it in a separate pocket from your real chapstick so you don't accidentally stick your own mouth shut. On second thought, disregard that last part. We could stand to have fewer people talking so much but saying so little. Thank you Britain.

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sarah said...

The whole undiscovered gem thing is the tragic flaw in the iTunes/pay-by-song model. More times than not, the song that compels me to buy a CD ends up being ousted from song-of-the-moment status by a song with far more longevity.