Monday, February 28, 2005

Greetings from Massachusetts

Oh me, oh my. What a weekend it's been. Now I get to outrun a storm back to NYC in the morning and decide whether to stash my car in Brooklyn or take it all the way back to Staten Island, a trip that's way more difficult than it should be.

I got to my destination in Mass. around 3:30am on Friday night after it wasting 2.5 hrs getting from Bklyn to SI to get my car (in retrospect, I should have called Alison and paid her for a ride!...or just move to SI) and hitting the road at 11:30pm. Nothing terribly exciting happened on the way other than finding a whole dead deer laying in the center lane of a stretch of Interstate. Not my lane, thankfully.

I woke up to Rhane (the adorablest kid I've ever met) staring at me, muttering "Hallo Stranger..." straight out of Resident Evil 4, a highlight of my last trip up here. I checked my mail and blogs, then engaged in a little Battlegrounds on the laptop till Nick woke up. Rache had to go to work for a few hours on Saturday, sad to say. Rhane got awfully attached to the Dewbacks walking around in front of my Empire base, insisting that I could kill Eopies, Kaduus, Tusk Cats, and Rancors, but I must NOT touch the Dewbacks. Weird, that girl. Then again, her first words as an infant were "Star Wars."

I got to see Tekken 5, Animal Crossing, Splinter Cell 3, and Gran Turismo 4 throughout the day, as well as visit an awesome little Indian restaurant called Monsoon. I saw a bit of Boston and Cambridge during this visit as well.

The story, dialogue, and voice acting in Tekken 5 left it open for all sorts of pokes and jabs. Julia's all about saving the forests that Bryan Fury is content tearing up as he hunts an awfully Predator-looking Yoshimitsu with a chaingun. Paul Phoenix challenges the aliens of the universe to a brawl, and if they're made of cinder blocks, we're in business. If not, at least he's still content kicking down trees to piss off Julia and Kuma, our resident Smokey the Bear. Remember, only YOU can prevent forest fires.

Last night brought about the grand event that was Dodgeball. It's been entirely too long since I've seen a good physical comedy, and Dodgeball was brilliant on all levels, especially in casting Christine Taylor. WOW, what a good-lookin' woman. The entire cast was great, and "The Ocho" made it even better. See it.

Speaking of great looking, how about those Oscars? Specifically, how about Emmy Rossum, Beyonce, Hilary Swank, and Salma Hayek? I almost fainted when Emmy came onto the screen. I don't think they get much better than this. Fan-TAS-tic.

Josh Groban was on-hand to humble us all, and actually had me changing my vote for best song, but neither of my picks won. Hearing Carlos Santana wail out the winner won me over, though. God, I could listen to him play that guitar for hours.

Speaking of votes, we did pre-Oscar picks, offering prizes to whoever got the most right. Surprisingly--mostly since I haven't seen most of these movies and I HAD to support Natalie even though she didn't win--I won. I got 11, Rache and Nick were tied at 9, Drexel got 8, and Rhane got 7. To the victor go the spoils, something along the lines of more great food from the grown-ups and a back rub from Rhane (she picked it, not me...I swear!).

Early tomorrow I head back to NYC, but I have to come back up to Mass. to claim my prizes sooner or later. I hope I miss the snow tomorrow, and I hope I can figure out an easier way to get to and from my car than the SI Ferry and the subway from Manhattan to Bklyn. There's got to be a way to do it via buses. Just a matter of figuring out which ones. Any suggestions on how to get from Bay Ridge to St. George in less than an hour?

My next trek out of The Big Apple will be to Ohio to see Mike now that he's back from "serving our country" in Kosovo. Bush is a big fat idiot, and I'm glad my friend is home safe. We'll work out the details soon, but I'd like to take a few days off from driving before heading the eight hours back to Ohio. Sheesh, why does Pennsylvania have to be so frickin long?

Nitey nite, dear readers. Don't let the bed bugs bite.

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Alicia said...

Yay! Bush is a big fat idiot! Oh wait, we're not supposed to be proud of that, are we? Oops!