Thursday, March 10, 2005

Emma vs. Max

Round One....FIGHT! I woke up today to two of the kitties beating the living shit out of each other. Emma's not so bright, but that's why we love her. I maintain the belief that her excessive hair actually grows together inside her head, leaving no room for a brain. Max is a little punk, tho. He'd even pick a fight with the three-legged mongrel Sophie (or Basketball, as I call her). Apparently Sophie knows some tripod jujitsu that terrorizes any kitty who dares enter her perilous volcano lair.

So Max and Emma were beating the shit out of each other. A lot. There were teeth and claws and the fur was literally flying. I had to vacuum the kitchen before I went to work, there was so much hair strewn around.

Look, Max. I understand you're pissed cuz somebody took your balls away. I'd be pissed, too (till I realized that meant I didn't have to worry about impregnating anyone!), but get over it. Stop beating on the girls. They don't have their litter-making parts, either. Although they DO have about nine teats. That's hot. How does one make a bikini for a kitty cat?

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