Sunday, March 06, 2005

Fire and stuff

So Tara pointed out the flaw in my uniform stance, but there are always exceptions. She pointed out that firefighters wear uniforms, and since I've had an interest in that field for a while, she wanted clarity. I said that those guys (and girls?) wear that stuff for protection and identification, whereas corporate America would have its little peons all dressing the same to minimize a sense of identity and individuality among its little worker bees. So the military and firefighters and paramedics and cops and other public services I can respect in uniform, and those people save lives, which is probably where the adage about girls liking a "man in uniform" comes from. Those guys protect and serve. I can say with complete confidence that my Pizza Hut uniform NEVER got me laid. Ever.

You probably read the post on uniforms the other day. If not, you are a loser. It's right below this one. Go read it. I'll wait.

Done? Good. There are a lot of reasons I didn't do the RGIS thing here in Brooklyn, just so you don't think being a dress code snob was my only reason.

1. My pay wasn't going to change at all from what it was in Ohio. No increase at all for being in such a big place with a high cost of living. Meh.

2. The office looked and ran just like things back in Ohio...which is to say, bad. The office is small and stupid, filled with people who seemed to have their shit BARELY together, at best. Not impressive in the least.

3. The mere sight of an audit machine made my stomach tighten.

4. The schedule. It's even weirder here.

5. Parking. It's desired that I drive to any and all jobs, but parking would be a horrendous bitch, and while RGIS would compensate me for some vehicle use, bridge tolls, and thruway charges, it was just a lot more work than it was worth. Especially for making no more money.

6. Brooklyn's group is the ones who bat cleanup for the rest of the tri-state area, and by that, I mean they went to Philadelphia a couple times during busy season. That's just insane, and when you factor in NYC traffic for getting into and out of the city, every job would take the whole day, no matter what.

7. Figuring out meet/leave times with the sometimes unpredictable subway lines can be a nightmare.

8. My first job would have started at 5am. The job I ended up getting doesn't require me to be there till 9am.

9. My second job would have been waaay up in Harlem at the crack of dawn. I'm sure they're doing some wonderful things with that part of the city, but I'd rather see it in the daylight.

10. Probably the biggest reason (besides the pay rate issue) is that I got a call from Atrium to go work at David Yurman Jewelers in the office doing data entry. I got about 24hrs in my first three days alone, and I might end up there indefinitely. Another temp there has been doing the same job I'm doing for over a year now and is still considered a temp. It's steady, 6 days a week, 10 hrs a day, so I stand to make a killing with overtime and whatnot, if I can hack it. might suffer a little in the meantime, what with me having a lot less time to devote to the site, but them's the breaks. I'll give them more time when they start paying my bills. Oh, and in the last three days, I've probably seen more jewelry than you'll see in your whole lives. And the people who send this stuff in for repair are genuinely insane. Someday, I want a stiff clasp on an $8,000.00 watch to be MY biggest problem in life.

So there you have it. Another perk of this new assignment is they have the best little place to eat right around the corner, in Hudson Square. I had, hands down, the best slice of pizza in my whole life there the other day. Superb. Things might just be looking up!

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