Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Great ideas people will probably steal

1. A new reality show called 'Pick of the Litter.' In it, we get triplets, septuplets, whatever! and have them fight for the attention of one willing suitor. Challenges consist of doing things you'd never want to do with siblings, like kiss, share toys, play nice...and they inevitably start sib squabbles over the suitor-to-be. It's sure to tear families apart every season! Come join the fun! And yes, they'll be of dating age (18+). My suggestion? Season 1 is me courting the Dahm Triplets.

2. A bikini store called Strings n Things

3. Slutty lingerie stores called 'Clothes for Hoes' and 'Britches for Bitches'

4. A lingerie store for plus sizes called 'Strong Thongs' and 'Brass Brassieres'

5. A B.B. King-music-playin' billiards hall called 'Blue Balls'

6. If Otto Octavius were a Proctologist instead of a Physicist, would they have called him Doc Proc?

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