Sunday, March 20, 2005

Kessen III, among other things

I'm in the midst of working on my Kessen III review for, as well as just taking a "promotion" to being PS2 and GameCube Editor(s) for the site. I quote promotion because I get more work and really no more pay. I'm up to receive some promo finally, which is cool. I never begged for it before, but after 7 months of service, getting ONE free game is something. Someday, maybe I'll even get a paycheck!

The game's shaping up pretty well, fixing some of the very minor niggles I had with K2, but creating some new ones in the meantime. When it's done and posted, I'll link to it, if I remember.

I've been gluing my shoes back together. Those tubes of crazy glue I picked up before leaving Ohio have become oh so useful. I'm also thinking about duct-taping the bathroom window shut so whichever asshole is leaving it open all morning, giving me a frosty awakening, will no longer have that option.

There was an anti-war protest today in Central Park I was going to attend at Maria's request, but she was gone before I got up (around noon). I didn't think hippies got out of bed for anything before noon. Either way, there's no way I'm going to make it to midtown Manhattan by 9am on a Saturday morning. It's against my principles. Besides, everybody who needs to know I'm against the war already knows about it, and the people who could actually affect change in the situation aren't going to do anything about it, even IF they knew I got out of bed so early on a weekend.

I'm thinking about starting some other blogs, as other people. Call it my need for multiple personalities. With any luck, they'll gain a bit of popularity, and maybe even incite a police investigation. It's just words, but they don't know that. Intrigued yet? Better I let out the darkness in my head here than out in the real world...

I took my resume into Yurman on Friday at their request. Looks like I might be there for a while, which is good financially, but I still won't make even $20k this year at what I'm making there. It's irritating to be so close to being finanically out of this pit and in a place to be even mildly philanthropic again, and not be able to reach it. In high school, before I acquired debt (thank you, college), I would buy all sorts of stuff for people for holidays and birthdays. Heck, I bought Shannon a PSone on a whim, and they still cost between $99-150. She told me not to, bla bla, but it was all about giving and seeing her eyebrows go up in that "So tickled I'm about to cry" look.

So yeah, I'd like to be back there money-wise before all my nieces and nephews are out of college. Luckily, most of them are old enough to appreciate videogames, which gives us something to talk about. None of them are as hardcore about it as I would like (they're much prefer Madden 200X or Tony Hawk 19 to Rez or Katamari Damacy). I'm sorry, but it's just not cool to be a casual gamer. I'm actually thinking about searching for comic book conventions in the tri-state area so I can meet some more of my own people.

Speaking of, we watched Mallrats tonight. Been a while since I saw that. Great flick. Then I slipped in Dodgeball and enjoyed it all over again while the roomies passed out on the couch. Typical. Lightweights....

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