Sunday, March 27, 2005

Meet and kill

I have an idea for a magazine. It's essentially an entertainment magazine with about as much significance as People or EW, which is to say, not much. In it, we review knives, bungee cords, brands of duct tape, cars with ample trunk space, and other things that serial killers would find interesting. Hey, I don't discriminate. Besides, if we put a personals/classified section in the mag, they might start meeting and turning on each other, which solves the problem for the rest of us. The title of this rag would be Sick Fuck (maybe Quarterly or Monthly, depending on content). We could get exclusive interviews from past serial killers, tips and tricks of the trade straight from those who've done it. Of course, they got caught, so only heed their advice to an extent, kids!


jim miller said...

my ex-bestfriend and i had plans for a magazine to be called "ample", as in you know, plenty. that ambition fizzled as did his body after i wrapped him in 50 feet of duct tape, and piled on 50 pounds of powdered lime...not limes, not the citrus variety...the white powder that eats all kinds of crap and removes bodily evidence. i guess you could say that i used an ample amount of duct tape and lime. [i'm hoping to be a regular writer in the new mag, "meet and kill" is fictional, isn't it?]

Alicia said...

they might start meeting and turning on each other

Ha! That would be hilarious!