Monday, March 28, 2005

Sometimes I'm still surprised.

Wow, a lot happened today:

1. I managed to bungle a bunch of stuff at work without even realizing it. Or trying.

2. I got a girl (Allison) obsessed with me (the more I run away, the more she chases me), but sadly I'm not that crazy about her. She's ok, but something's....missing. Where's Natalie when I need her?

3. I finally talked to the Rachel Weisz-esque lady. Turns out she's from Ecuador originally and has been here for about 10 years. Very odd accent, but it was amazing just to sit by her and chat. The guys around the office gave me some props later for putting it on the line like that.

4. Kate is still kind of an enigma. She chats me up but plays hard to get. Guess I'll have to play a "Steve." (See 'The Tao of Steve' if you're unfamiliar...but don't expect a whole lot) It doesn't help that I have a weakness for the name "Kate," either.

5. A long lost friend from high school emailed today to tell me she now lives near Boston. I have friends near B-town already, so I might have to go see her.

6. Speaking of Boston, I'm heading up there to see 'Sin City' with my pals this weekend. Should be a blast. They have God of War (for PS2), so that'll need a look, too.

7. One other work-related chick thing...Sarah, this gal we have lunch with, had me psychoanalyze a guy who clearly wants to date her, but she doesn't want him and doesn't believe him to be serious. Sure, whatever. I took Psych classes and you didn't, babe. Besides, Sarah is kinda hot, in a quirky Asian-American sort of way, so I'm all about being friends with her. Duh.

I'm still on a high from talking to Rachel Weisz-chick. She said she moved to the States with her husband, but who knows if that's still a factor. I'll have to find out more tomorrow. The way her hair hangs in her face, the way she looks at me, the way she stands, walks, even mesmerizes me. God help me.

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