Thursday, April 07, 2005

Back vs. front

I've noticed more in NYC than anywhere else this phenomenon where people can look fantastic from behind, but be utterly hideous once they turn around. The foot traffic back in BG did not exhibit this property nearly to the extent that New Yorkers do. If a bitch was hot from behind there, she was 9 times out of 10 hot from the front, too.

Why the fuck do I work where I work? I spent my whole day feeling like I was working the goddamn border patrol in Arizona. Nobody in the vault where I was working today spoke anything but Spanish. Talk about an out of place feeling.

I also had to deal with some stupid bitch at the post office this morning who lectured me in broken Chinglish for not using a bigger envelope to send this feeble scrap of paper to the IRS to get an extension, an encounter and experience I could have avoided completely had mom managed to keep track of my W-2s for any amount of time. No, that was too much trouble.

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