Sunday, April 17, 2005

New shit to look at!

I put up some new images in my gallery that you NEED to see. Click right about here. If it doesn't work, it's either gremlins in the Internet or a funky link I get from being logged into that page myself.

But I'm betting on gremlins.


jim miller said...

similar to this blogspot thing, i'd have to join 1up in order to see the images on your link, or post, so that's where the link took me...a sign-up page.

funny post yesterday about the succinct hammer/foot/wart/bleeding story relating to menstruation and longer life.

recipe for endless fun,
1) take a crazy person,
2) let him say whatever he wants on a public blog, and
3) enjoy!

Lord Boinkingham said...

I can just put those pics on my own web space for the world to see, but not right now. Apparently some demons got loose in my stomach and are fighting their way to the back door.

That recipe for endless fun describes most of the people I know. Seems like bloggers are more sane than those who keep it all inside. I know, I live with someone who bottles it up.