Wednesday, April 13, 2005

What the fuck happened to Tuesday?

I swear, I have no recollection of yesterday even happening. I checked the date on my computer at work, moderately certain that I still had three days left of bullshit this week, only to find that tomorrow is already Thursday! So, what the fuck happened to Tuesday? Is my life becoming so rote and meaningless that I'm now completely unaware of the passage of time up to quantities totalling entire DAYS? Wow. Maybe walking halfway across Manhattan on Canal St twice a day will do that to you. I've never really enjoyed Canal St much. Or TriBeCa or Chinatown, either. Midtown is pretty cool tho.


jim miller said...

dude, you were posting on your blog're getting up in years...welcome to old.

i'll show you around...

Lord Boinkingham said...

Another day lost to the toils of digging up Internet humor, I guess.

So, is there a map to this place called "Old"? If so, I want to try before I buy. The maps for "Adolescence" and "The Roaring 20s" sucked ass. :)

jim miller said...

"childhood", "adolescence", and "the roaring 20s" are supposed to be the best times of your life. but, gently release your finger from the trigger, now...slowly.

"old" has its benefits. a big one is experience & understanding. time soon speeds up to the point where you can plan the next five years like it's your work-week. and it may seem to go even faster than that. it's kind of cool.

another benefit is that you are no longer lugging around the notion that you have to be a celebrity or hugely successful in order to matter. i'm working through that one right now. our lack of individual success is somewhat comical in the right light, because we both have mucho talent and intelligence that is being wasted...and sadly so.

hopefully, when you get old you will be ready for and have a mate by your side that will encourage and motivate you to levels you didn't know you could reach. and if you work at the relationship 100%, it could very well last 100% of your remaining days on earth. and then there are the short people that enter your life and you will have the challenge that your parents fouled up and you will understand why they did...maybe. so, getting old can be enriching mentally and psychologically, at least until the degenerative diseases send you to your death-bed or straight jacket. of course, i'm plan to start tripping on heroin when i hit 70. why go peacefully into that great night?

enjoy your life, dude.