Saturday, May 14, 2005

Killing time

Just to take out some frustrations in the digital realm and NOT make national headlines, I renamed my bots in Unreal Tournament after politicians and celebrities that I despise or simply feel the world would be better off without. Bear in mind that this isn't an entirely negative experiment, since half the time these clowns are on MY side in any team-based venture like Capture the Flag.

So I'm playing Instagib the other day and found myself uttering something completely insane: "Clay Aiken is a god with the Shock Rifle!" Even on Average AI, that little bastard (who obviously was predisposed to the Shock Rifle to begin with) was keeping up with me in kills in Team Deathmatch. God damn.

So who are my bots portraying? Pretty much the entire Bush administration, most of the big tabloid-heavy celebrities these days, and a few ethnic and career-path slurs thrown in just to make the popup messages read funny. It's a feeling on par with playing Grand Theft Auto to read, "You have killed a total prostitute," or "Dick Cheney is on a killing spree!" How appropriate, dontcha think?

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