Monday, July 18, 2005

And another

Prime01010: yeah, we're a regular laurel and fuckin hardy
Prime01010: you're laurel
Prime01010: it's a girl's name
Prime01010: fag
matrix2681: So I'm the fat one?
matrix2681: Oughta punch you in the belly baton.
Prime01010: and i'm hardy cuz i just walk around with a big hard on all the time
matrix2681: HARHAR
Prime01010: your creative license with spelling is entertaining
matrix2681: Thanka you.

matrix2681: Today guess what.
matrix2681: I was in class, eh?
matrix2681: And like
Prime01010: no way
Prime01010: you? in class?
Prime01010: GET OT
Prime01010: OUT
matrix2681: The teacher handed back the tests and wrote all the statistics on the board.
matrix2681: And my cute greeky friend Tanja asked the teacher what all the stats were up there
matrix2681: And he said "Oh YOU KNOW this stuff. WHAT'S THIS?!?
matrix2681: and it was an "n" and somebody said "number of students"
matrix2681: and he said "right and what's THIS"
matrix2681: and it was an x with a bar on the top and someone else said "the average score"
matrix2681: and he said "right and what's THIS"
matrix2681: and it was the standard deviation which I still don't have a use for when it comes to test scores and I theorize that profs put it there to look profound so I said "USELESS!" and everyone laughed, the end.
matrix2681: brb
matrix2681: back fool
matrix2681: Gonna try something out hang on
matrix2681 is away at 8:38:49 PM.

matrix2681: arrgh!
matrix2681 returned at 8:45:54 PM.
Prime01010: wut
Prime01010: maybe this'll help:
matrix2681: That will not help.
matrix2681: Not at all.
matrix2681: I can
matrix2681: I can't kill enemy with a boner.
matrix2681: I mean
matrix2681: I can kill them WITH my boner but not concentrate killing them conventially while sporting a boner.
matrix2681: Blood flow = ! to the brain.
Prime01010: what enemy
matrix2681: Trying to play warcraft 3
matrix2681: can't start a game though. I think it's the firewall
Prime01010: ya think nerds call condoms "firewalls"?
matrix2681: nurrrrrrrrrrrdx
matrix2681: s
Prime01010: WhoreCraft
matrix2681: SloreCraft
Prime01010: YourMomCraft
Prime01010: i am funnay
matrix2681: You are teh funnay

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