Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Prime01010: F5
matrix2681: F5 on here brings up a find box.
matrix2681: Am I supposed to push it while on your page?
Prime01010: YES
Prime01010: Michael, this is the Internet. it is big. do you need me to show you around?
matrix2681: I have a refresh button thanka you.
matrix2681: I like to use my mousey mouse.
matrix2681: "it is big"
Prime01010: here it comes
matrix2681: "i like clipper ships"
Prime01010: que?
matrix2681: Are you sure you're not a meheecan?
Prime01010: i'm fron San Salvador
matrix2681: Is that pronounced "quay"
Prime01010: NUR. it's like "kay"
matrix2681: Prime01010: no it's pronounced "sahn SAL vuh door"
matrix2681: oh
Prime01010: oops, i missed the freebie
Prime01010: glad you're here to beat yourself up for me.
matrix2681: I tried to anticipate the prickish reply but I missed.
matrix2681: Thank you sirrah may I have another
Prime01010: truth be told, i'm not TRYING to decimate your self-esteem. if this starts to make you feel like LESS of a woman at some point, let me know and I'll stop.
Prime01010: but it'll be awfully quiet in this here box.
matrix2681: oh azing
matrix2681: No I'm gonna leave it. azing. shut up i meant to do that.
matrix2681: Because I rule and I don't need to check my spellign all the time dawg
matrix2681: *fake lunges at you*

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