Saturday, July 23, 2005

Fuck Discs

Haven't we graduated to a point in the timeline of humanity where I can install a game on my PC and NOT need the goddamn disc in the drive to play it? That's the WHOLE FUCKING POINT of "installing" it. I can understand needing the disc for a console game, since it doesn't keep any information on the hardware between sessions.

And if you think this "cd checking" is keeping your game from being pirated, I have a secret to tell you:


Bit-for-bit burners and no-cd patches abound on the Interweb, so just make my life easier and stop wasting my time. There's nothing more irritating than having a portable computer (i.e., laptop) and STILL having to carry some annoying bag with stupid CDs with your insipid shit on them. Stop doing this, or I will stop buying and/or playing your games. It annoys me as a PAYING customer to have to deal with this bullshit. So, STOP DOING IT. It isn't helping anyone.

The End.

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jim miller said...

yes, it is annoying...and it's further complicated by damage to discs that you bought and installed but now can't play. of course, with all the pirating of music, movies, and games, you can't hardly blame the big corps from trying to enslave us into being their subservient customers.

as per the "porn" in san andreas GTA, my thoughts are: 1) since when is animated sex so much worse than animated violence? and 2) how are the game makers liable for underage players? are cigarette companies liable for underage smokers? ...and underage drinkers?

and the big funny for me is that hillary is shutting down a game and pissing off people that might have voted for her in an upcoming election. not me...but still, i think she just lost some votes.