Tuesday, July 19, 2005

he really went. really.

matrix2681: Until we meet again, the guy whose name I can't remember but who was the arch nemesis of sherlock holmes, farewell.
Prime01010: shit, i KNOW that guy's name
matrix2681: crap what was his name
matrix2681: MIND RACE READY GO
Prime01010: erm
Prime01010: shit
matrix2681: don't cheat
matrix2681: sherlock holmes versus dunnah dunnah
matrix2681: a-something
Prime01010: MORIARTY!
Prime01010: i win
matrix2681: NO
matrix2681: SHATZ@
Prime01010: Lionel Atwill?
matrix2681: No that was it
matrix2681: That was a NO of defeat.
Prime01010: I WIN
matrix2681: You suck dicks.
Prime01010: WOO WOO
Prime01010: I WIN I WIN
matrix2681: I really wanted that.
Prime01010: that's a big W in my column
matrix2681: And a big phat L in mine.
Prime01010: ahh, victory is so sweet it gives me cavities
matrix2681: Goot I hoop your face rots off yah bloody wanker
Prime01010: it helps that i have the COMPLETE Sherlock Holmes tome sitting right here
matrix2681: they're taking the hobbits to isengard
Prime01010: niggar
Prime01010: good lord, not that again
matrix2681: for real I'm gonna go now
matrix2681: NOW
matrix2681: NOW
matrix2681: See this?
matrix2681: It's me
matrix2681: Going
matrix2681: ...
matrix2681: now
matrix2681 signed off at 12:42:56 AM.

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jim miller said...

okay, your aim banter posts are somewhat amusing. i had the misconception that you had little time for it...so, getting all those at once did vex me. but, perhaps these posts span a great period of time, and i should not be vexed. hehe

next, we'll all be podcasting, eh?