Monday, July 18, 2005

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matrix2681: Hey she took out the lesbian part as her "sexual affiliation"
Prime01010: see?
matrix2681: THE DAY IS MINE!
matrix2681: shuddup you didn't help.
Prime01010: now be a MAN for once, Mary, and get ON that shit
matrix2681: Maybe I should just run up and hold her firm buttocks and ask her "Is this for me?"
Prime01010: yeah, do that
matrix2681: And then I'd get a fingernail in the eye but I just want to TOUCH IT>
Prime01010: lemme know how it goes
Prime01010: just ram your hand down her pants and start fingering her clit. she'll too weak-kneed to fight you off. trust me. it works.
Prime01010: it's like her self-destruct button
Prime01010: but if you come up with cling-ons, you better dish, d00d. she doesn't CLEAN that junk
matrix2681: HAR
matrix2681: OH MY GOD
matrix2681: She usually wears tight pants though
matrix2681: Like what if I can't get in thurr? What kind of excuse would I have?
Prime01010: quit making excuses, you girl
matrix2681: "sorry I lost my contact lens"
Prime01010: tell her you have tourrettes
matrix2681: WHAT?!?
matrix2681: I HAVE TO PLAN
Prime01010: or a seizure
matrix2681: Act like I'm having a seizure and rip off as many clothes of hers as I can
Prime01010: or you think you're gay and you wanted to see if fingering her holes would turn you on, thus proving your straighthood
matrix2681: "Oh I must be straight, that's right. I'll try again in a month"
Prime01010: yeah. just hope she's not on her period. if so, make it six weeks.
matrix2681: holeS?
Prime01010: si
matrix2681: hAHA
matrix2681: my face is turning purple.
Prime01010: tell my mom to quit sitting on your neck
matrix2681: OH!
matrix2681: Wait.
Prime01010: tard
matrix2681: Why did you zing yourself?
Prime01010: cuz i know i can't rely on YOU to zing me

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