Monday, July 18, 2005

Mike on the rampage

matrix2681: Yeah I'm READING them. With my EYES.
matrix2681: Just like I read your MOM with my FACE
matrix2681: Junk licker.
Prime01010: um, d00d? you need to work on your zingers
matrix2681: Hey you got me stabbing blindly.
matrix2681: It's like I'm in a dark room
Prime01010: i guess i get more practice
matrix2681: And I know you're in there and you have a sword
Prime01010: i have more friends who rip on me mutually
matrix2681: And then you're all like "whoo hoo I'm all around you and I have sex with your mom's anus hole"
matrix2681: And then I just start swinging blindly around because I never know when the next strike will come
matrix2681: And I say stupid stuff like "yeah i'm drinking hawwaiin punch, and speaking of punch, your mom!"
matrix2681: It's sloppy; tactless.
matrix2681: And if it weren't for me slinging my tall-boy sized pork sword at your mom on a bi-weekly basis I might feel a little emasculated.
matrix2681: OH NURRRRR
matrix2681: LUCKY HIT YAY
matrix2681: I also glurt your dad in the face because you'd never expect that.
matrix2681: And I have sex in between your girlfriend's toes.
matrix2681: 8 spots to choose from.
matrix2681: Hurry up, Mad Shartigan.
matrix2681: I'm gonna look up that midget from Willow.
Prime01010: he's not the midget
Prime01010: he's Val Kilmer
matrix2681: I know that

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