Saturday, July 23, 2005

My buddy can't run Doom 3

He emailed me this:

I Bought A Game Last Night That I Can't Play.

Doom 3.

Apparently it doesn't like Win98 so I'll have to break down and get 2000 or

God help me...

So I told him this:

D00d, you are so old school. Get with the 00's. Anyway, if your computer isn't, like, from the FUTURE, you can't run Doom at its prettiest anyway. But get a copy of XP now before Longhorn or Vista or End Of The World As We Know It or whatever the next version of Winders is comes out. Cuz those OSes will decide which and how many games you can install or run at will. Big Brother is birthed from the fetid womb of Microsoft. Why do we need an OS to run games, anyway? Why can't they write straight for the hardware? Then I could get Linux. YEAH.

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