Monday, July 18, 2005

piggly wiggly

Prime01010: we should do this more often
Prime01010: is this the first time you've been published?
matrix2681: We do it EVERY time we talk on here.
matrix2681: No I write stuff.
Prime01010: oh yeah
matrix2681: Stories.
Prime01010: remember when we used to be serious? about, like, ya know...stuff?
Prime01010: like, that screenplay?
Prime01010: ahh, those weren't the days.
matrix2681: That sp was fun
matrix2681: Ashame it didn't go anywhere but I think I know why.
Prime01010: yeah, but it inevitably lead me to heartbreak and thoughts of suicide. but i ended up porking your mom instead.
matrix2681: Yeah she told me.

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