Saturday, July 23, 2005

Prince Devil God Of May Of Persia Cry War

So, watching the way too fast and way too uninspired development progress of the Prince of Persia series nowadays, I predict that the fourth installment will find the Prince brandishing a firearm. Prolly a shotgun on his back, pistol in hand, and sword in the other. Cuz, we ALL have to be cool and Goth like Devil May Cry and God of War. And Samurai Western. And Gun. And Shadow the Hedgehog (god help us).

Ubisoft, this is why you're going to get bought out by EA. Rygar, Ico, and the original PoP were sweet, had personality, and managed to be unique. That's why they're better. :p And while I'm forging this love letter to Ubi, what ever happened to Rayman? And why does the Rainbow Six series keep getting more ho-hum and sport worse AI with each incarnation?

Enjoy the hostile takeover kids!

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