Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Public Service Announcement

matrix2681: Man I don't even know what I was gonna do for a strategy in wc3 now so just fuhgetit.
Prime01010: ok. i wasn't thinking about it, so i don't even need to fuhgetit
Prime01010: but i want to go to sleep soon
Prime01010: so i'm going to GO
matrix2681: fine
matrix2681: LEAVEW
Prime01010: away from this dastardly machine
Prime01010: i will
matrix2681: Get out of my eyespace.
Prime01010: you jealous jezebel
matrix2681: You make me want to vom.
Prime01010: that's hot
matrix2681: No, taint.
Prime01010: to vamp?
matrix2681: COM
matrix2681: VOM
Prime01010: que?
matrix2681: Like urp a little bit but swallow it back down. It's nasty and always tastes like OJ and pizza together.
matrix2681: Now you know.
Prime01010: and knowing is half the battle.
matrix2681: JEEEEEEEE EYYYYYYYYYYE JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOE duh nuh nuh-nuh nuh nuuuuuuuuuuuuuh

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