Monday, July 18, 2005


matrix2681: French people like to make movies that leave you hanging. No sequels much.
matrix2681: The Michael uses Level 10 Pork Sword on Mark for 56 hit poits.
Prime01010: yeah, they surrender before its conclusion
matrix2681: Mark's Status: Stunned for 3 moves
Prime01010: ah HA, but my armor hast Pork Resistance +8
matrix2681: Too late sucker, you should have rolled a resistance throw.
Prime01010: blow me
matrix2681: Hey. I don't make the rules, ahhight?
matrix2681: You're just pissed because I didn't use all my gold pieces getting spiffy armor at the blacksmith shoppeee the other day.
matrix2681: You're all tanking up getting a great helm of lightning resist, some other crap I don't even remember. Whatever.
matrix2681: I just have on a vest and a pair of shoes.
matrix2681: All the denizens of the deep call me Der Schwanz Schlinger.
matrix2681: All the women monsters want to hump my face.
matrix2681: You don't know pleasure until you get head from a hydra.
Prime01010: i was just thinkin' that.

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