Monday, July 18, 2005

uh oh, i made him mad

Prime01010: hey, there's a stargate game coming out
Prime01010: figgered that'd be right up your alley
matrix2681: W00T!
Prime01010: seeing's how you like mullets and all
matrix2681: Man.
matrix2681: That was hurtful.
matrix2681: Seriously.
matrix2681: Stargate is a huge part of my life. I mean the characters all flow together and it's the best run show I've ever seen.
matrix2681: Take it back.
Prime01010: which part
matrix2681: The mullet part.
matrix2681: Take back what you said.
Prime01010: the part where they have mullets, or the part where you LIKE mullets.
matrix2681: They don't have mullets.
matrix2681: None do.
Prime01010: ok, fine. but that guy used to.
Prime01010: him and John Stamos
Prime01010: they went to Cutters Quarters together, or was it SuperCuts?
matrix2681: I don't know
Prime01010: someplace with the word Cut in the title
matrix2681: I'm trying to set you up so I can call you a tool.
Prime01010: good luck
Prime01010: tool

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