Monday, July 18, 2005


matrix2681: I don't know how in the world she's so thin.
matrix2681: I'm not gonna care.
Prime01010: lots of protein shakes
matrix2681: Because she's a LESBIAN
matrix2681: And she doesn't LIKE the COCK
Prime01010: oh yeah. i hear rug munching burns a lot of calories.
matrix2681: So she can always use that as a CRUTCH and get OUT of just saying she doesn't LIKE a particular guy.
Prime01010: uh huh. lesbians use dildos. ergo, they secretly DO like the cock.
matrix2681: I can't step to one of those.
matrix2681: You ever seen one?
matrix2681: Yes you have don't lie.
Prime01010: i love using ergo in odd places.
Prime01010: on tv
matrix2681: ergo
matrix2681: You sound like the frickin architect.
Prime01010: naw, i had this vibrating doohickey with my ex. drove her nuts.
matrix2681: And I mean the one on Scary Movie 3
Prime01010: dinna see dat
matrix2681: Was it the kind you clamp on your tongue?
Prime01010: no
Prime01010: that kind is called YOUR MOM
matrix2681: OH! ZING!
Prime01010: of course you diddnt
matrix2681: Blast your articulatednessismitis good sir.
matrix2681: I challenge you to a duel.
matrix2681: With pistols.
Prime01010: uh oh
matrix2681: BLAM
matrix2681: you're dead sorry kthxbye.
Prime01010: lol
matrix2681: Holy crap I wonder if anybody ever did that.
matrix2681: Like when you have the guy who hands out the pistols if one guy just IMMEDIATELY shot the other right in the face or balls and then ran away.
matrix2681: I mean it doesn't do much for talk at the pub about you but I bet it'd be funny.
matrix2681: People would be like "that man is a shartigan... why didn't I think of that?"
matrix2681: I'm having trouble remembvering who madmartigan was. I remember some movie.
matrix2681: Was that in a Mad Max movie?
matrix2681: mad martigan?
Prime01010: Willow
matrix2681: Answer me you cum guzzling nut juggling eunuch plzkthx
matrix2681: Ok
matrix2681: That's the guy.

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