Monday, July 18, 2005

Yeah, so...

I guess I'm back for now. I quit my job today, so that's a start. I'm also broke, so I gotta think fast.

In any case, I'm going to post stupid shit from IM chats I have with my "friend" Mike. We spend most of our time being horrible to each other, so it should amuse you at least a LITTLE bit. For example....

matrix2681: hang on a min, i'm gonna be afk and eat.
matrix2681: I'll be back on later.
Prime01010: ok
matrix2681: Keep yakkin if you want and I'll rsvp when I return
Prime01010: dildo baggins
Prime01010: um.....yak? yakkity yak? don't talk back?
Prime01010: EAT FASTER
Prime01010: this is like my therapy sessions.
Prime01010: just swallow it whole. that's what your mom does.

So...yeah. Get ready for more of that.

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