Monday, August 22, 2005

And I shat

It must be that time of the month again. I dunno what those demons and monsters in my belly want from me, but it can't be related to diet or geography or job or the people around me. It just IS. So I spent most of today cramping and headaching and laying around feeling generally miserable. Tomorrow I'll be fine. That's just how it is. But today I think I was sloughing off the lining of my colon. After making a pile so high it broke the water level and made the gods notice me again, my ass resorted for the rest of the day to making something that looked more like a jellyfish or anemone after that in about 15-20 minute increments. My ass is in flames, but at least it should buy me a couple days of guttural peace and quiet for things to heal up. And I wasn't even eating BW3 wings!

Items of note: I ate a Tom-burger for lunch the day before, had popcorn for dinner, and it was a full moon last night. Hey, you tell me.

1 comment:

jim miller said...

with posts like these it helps to have pictures...

hmmm, no pictures?

yeah, i was being sarcastic. it's one thing to say "nobody cares" but clearly another to literally drive them away with this sort of post...haha. way to separate the men from the boys...or something, huh?

from the professional...leon: i'm glad you're stomach doesn't hurt anymore, but i don't think it's love...haha