Saturday, September 17, 2005

Yes, we really are this retarded.

Prime01010: holy canoli
matrix2681: DIOS MIO
matrix2681: Actually I can't talk much but I have a little time.
matrix2681: You suck penii.
matrix2681: Ok I'm done.
Prime01010: the end
matrix2681: THE end.
Prime01010: actually, i have nerd news
matrix2681: Ok
matrix2681: The end.
Prime01010: my friends here watch Stargate and Battlestar and all that other stuff you watch. so, i've tried watching it.
matrix2681: And you are hooked.
matrix2681: Welcome aboard semen.
Prime01010: no. the correct answer is, i STILL don't get what you people see in those shows.
matrix2681: That's because you're not a full on nerd.
matrix2681: You're kind of a hybrid like me. But I'm closer to the real thing so I get the shows.
Prime01010: i mean, if MacGyver was still on SG.....
matrix2681: Also having been out for like 10 seasons (as in SG) then yeah you might not know what's going on. You missed a ton of stuff.
Prime01010: i know
Prime01010: like, that Anubis guy
matrix2681: So yeah, I understand
matrix2681: Well for starters, Anubis is now dead.
matrix2681: Would you like to know more?
Prime01010: but this one time, Superman III was on tv and the tv station played it all out of order and shit, and i was like, "que?" but it was cool. it was like "just TRY to figure out what the fudge is going on!!!"
Prime01010: so it was sorta like that
matrix2681: What?
matrix2681: Like they just played the wrong parts or what?
matrix2681: I always thought it was one big show and they had commercials in between or something.
Prime01010: like they started halfway thru, then realized they fucked up, and started it over somewhere near the beginning, but not all of it since they only had a certain size time slot
matrix2681: LOLLzors.
Prime01010: so it was disjointed and weird. but it was like it seemed to have a bunch of backstory and shit that the viewer had to figure out. only it didn't originally. it was a really neat experiment.
Prime01010: and somebody probably got fired for it
matrix2681: Ha classic
matrix2681: I bet if more movies were played like that it would make it more interesteing.
Prime01010: indeed
matrix2681: Like with The Matrix. Man what a mindjob.
Prime01010: OH
Prime01010: d00d
matrix2681: You know how you always watch
matrix2681: NO
matrix2681: MY TURN
Prime01010: have you heard of Indigo Prophecy?
matrix2681: !!!
matrix2681: hang on.
Prime01010: to what
matrix2681: Your cock while I finish my train of thought.
matrix2681: Anywho
matrix2681: You know how when you watch a movie a ton of times you kinda wish something new would happen... well if your brain tries analyzing a flick when it's out of order, hey hey, free new movie.
matrix2681: Ok I'm done. Tell me about Indigo Girls.
matrix2681: This better not be a damb joke either, I got bitches to call.
matrix2681: ;)
Prime01010: it's a game. called Indigo Prophecy. stupid name, but we've been playing it lately and it's frickin sweet. imagine like Se7en, the videogame, only weirder and creepier.
matrix2681: WHATZORS
Prime01010: you play a guy who committed a murder AND the detectives trying to catch him
Prime01010: it's SO cool
matrix2681: YOU!
Prime01010: it's coming
matrix2681: NO!
Prime01010: try this:
Prime01010: actually, it's prolly out already
matrix2681: I was just there already you rootpuncher.
Prime01010: anyway, they do a lot of cool interaction stuff during cutscenes with the controller, making it an interactive element
matrix2681: Stop teasing me with tidbits.
Prime01010: not sure how they'll do that on PC
matrix2681: SHOW ME THE MONEY
matrix2681: They can do it.
Prime01010: $$$
matrix2681: A PC can do anything.
matrix2681: ANYthing.
matrix2681: I know.
Prime01010: i know it CAN, i was wondering HOW
Prime01010: different three-letter word
matrix2681: What do you mean "how"
Prime01010: just have to see it
matrix2681: Ever play Warcraft 3?
Prime01010: no
matrix2681: Well.
Prime01010: imagine stuff like DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), but not gay.
Prime01010: that's what you have to do
matrix2681: The cutscenes in there are interactive because the cutscenes are ACTUALLY happening, as in they construct a 3D area and script all the characters to move around, speak whatever.
Prime01010: press the right things at the right time and one thing happens. screw it up and something else happens entirely
Prime01010: the game has SO many branching parts
matrix2681: Oh holy crap, I'm gonna have to dance my way through the cutscene.
matrix2681: Liquid programming.
matrix2681: Mikey likes.
Prime01010: like when you interrogate someone as the cop. you can ask them lots of different questions, but they lead to different subsequent sets of questions depending
Prime01010: and the voice acting roxorz
matrix2681: What if you shoot them in the fucking face.
Prime01010: you don't
Prime01010: it's not a shooter
Prime01010: at all
matrix2681: Never mind.
Prime01010: it's like an interactive movay, only cooler, like choose your own adventure
Prime01010: and shit
matrix2681: I want to interrogate a guy and right in the middle of it, just haul a massive crossbow out and nail the d00d's face onto the wall.
Prime01010: and you can use the toilets in the bathroom where the murder took place.
matrix2681: And then I want to use the controller to make my guy say "That's how the Deli Ninja rolls, whores."
Prime01010: well, i'm sure someday a game like that will come out
Prime01010: and all one of you will buy it
matrix2681: By the way I'm high on candy corn, excuse the expletives.
Prime01010: fuck that shit, ho
matrix2681: I usually don't say "fucking" at all, but you know.
matrix2681: Candy corn.
Prime01010: LOLLO
matrix2681: HAR hA
matrix2681: That still gets me seriously.
Prime01010: i know
matrix2681: I know I say this every *EVERY* time, but that site is GONE. GONE.
matrix2681: PISSED ME OFF>
Prime01010: what gets me even more is that my girlfriend admits that every time she sees a car do something really stupid, a woman is driving it. that's why she doesn't drive.
Prime01010: which site
matrix2681: This candy corn is cool. Get this: It's called Harvest Mix and it's got BOTH kinds of corn--the yellow and brown ended kind, the pumpkins, and also EARS of corn and stalks of wheat. However they all taste the same but I can placebo my mind into thinking otherwise.
matrix2681: The site was
Prime01010: YEP, it's gone
matrix2681: I just cheked.
matrix2681: Yeah it's gone I just looked.
Prime01010: i thought Maddox said that
matrix2681: I like typing links in here and then going there. It's like using a town portal scroll or something. Feels like I'm arcane and stuff.
matrix2681: I don't know if he said it or what.
Prime01010: stop waving your wand at me
matrix2681: That's my weewee
matrix2681: And you said you wanted to see it anyway so stop complaining just because you didn't believe it was bigger than yourzorssorz.
matrix2681: I warned you.
matrix2681: I said to you, "Mark, it's hayooge and you don't want to see it. Many men have asked and tried to comprehend its immense size"
matrix2681: and you were like "They tried and failed?"
matrix2681: and I was like "They tried and died."
Prime01010: you live in the Gayzor Mountains where everyone is gay.
matrix2681: Friends don't let other friends see their Schwanz.
matrix2681: You are going to put this up on the site. This is classic.
matrix2681: From start to finish.
matrix2681: Whenever we get done.
Prime01010: yeah. sure.
matrix2681: Yeah. Whatever.
matrix2681: " I tossed my nuts at her. BAM"
matrix2681: Man actually I gotta go. I'm working on some math right now. Just wanted to see who all was on.
Prime01010: MATH
matrix2681: So I'm just saying, sorry for not giving you the full workout of blasting you for like 3 hours straight.
Prime01010: my cock > Teh Michael's
matrix2681: I guess it's kind of like blueballs but I wouldn't know since I always finish.
Prime01010: eh, i'll live
matrix2681: Ok
matrix2681: Talk at ya later bro
matrix2681 signed off at 11:10 PM

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