Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Your Daily News

Once again, the Clan de Bush is raping our wallets for petrol and letting his underlings handle it, keeping him neatly within the realm of "plausible deniability" when everything goes to hell. On the other hand, he's screwed up everything else in his life thus far, so maybe leaving sensitive national matters in others' hands isn't such a bad idea.

Next, God really does hate New Orleans.

I don't really care about Madonna getting booed, but it's interesting to see another couple where the woman is older than the man.

I'm having trouble seeing how this isn't insider trading. He knew the price was going to drop because he found out about a quarterly loss before it posted. Isn't that what Martha Stewart did?

This makes sense, but I think New York's law of no handheld phone use while driving should be a national law, frankly. Eliminating them altogether amongst the teen crowd is good in theory, but they'll still find ways to blab. Hm, does anyone besides me remember what it was like to be in schools where NO ONE had cell phones? Back then, it was car stereo manipulation that caused idiot kids to get in car wrecks. I saw one happen right before my eyes.

This interests me a bit.

Part of me--I think it's my gut--hates this thing, but a tiny part of me is still optimistic that they might be able to find a use for it other than nunchucks.

And that's your news. Film at 11.

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