Friday, October 21, 2005

Another classic exchange

So hetero Nick and I are working on painting the downstairs, making the occasional "you're a fag" or "that's what your mom said" joke, when this gem emerged. It all began when I unloaded one of my fave jokes (it's an original, but you can borrow it for a small fee):

Q: What do a gay man and a bakery have in common?
A: They both have Sticky Buns.

Then Nick says, "And you WOULD know what it's like having your butt stuck together, right?"
He's implying that I'm gay. Which I'm not. I hate the cock, but I stand firm behind the fact that titties are the best thing ever invented. Girl titties. Make no mistake.

I replied, "Yeah, I've been reading your diary."

Oh, 'twas a glorious moment. See kids, the construction of the perfect comeback is a delicate art. Not only do I reverse it making HIM gay, but I also imply that he keeps a diary, which is inherently gay, or feminine at the very least, which for a guy, is pretty gay. MAN is he gay.

P.S. Andie MacDowell is hot. She has been for like 20+ years. Impressive, m'lady.


Leslie said...

Lol, I can't believe you explained WHY your comeback was genius. Give us some more credit! ;)

Lord Boinkingham said...

Well, it really was more for the kids out there, those sad youngsters who just don't know how to put together worthwhile comeback. Sure, "your mom!" is pretty much valid in any situation, but we need to branch out and evolve if we're going to retain the status as being one of the more entertaining species on Earth. :)