Saturday, October 15, 2005

Games don't kill people. Guns and high school do.

So I'm working tonight, watching movie after movie as usual, and The Breakfast Club comes on. Anthony Michael Hall plays a nerd, not unlike most of us when we were his age. Anyone who's seen it knows why he's in detention: he brought a gun to school to either kill himself or the people who made his life difficult. Now this was 1984. Let's do a little timeline:

1977 - Pong comes out
1982 - Atari 2600 is released in America
1984 - The Breakfast Club is made
1992 - Doom hits the PC market
1993 - Mortal Kombat storms arcades
2001 - Grand Theft Auto III arrives on PS2

So, to all the assholes out the like Jack Thompson who blame videogames for why kids snap and blow away themselves or their classmates, explain to me how the idea so casually emerges from the lips of a troubled teen in a story set nearly a decade before all these "murder simulators" were even dreamt of. Until you can manage that, can we please drop the subject?

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