Friday, October 07, 2005

More Allard

“You know, being first you sometimes get some crap, and we’ve had some crap. But I think it’s very pro-consumer and very pro-developer, and I think that in five years everybody will look back and say that this was a very, very good move on our part to launch worldwide and to have the flexibility for consumers to decide on their products.”

WRONG. You haven't done what's best for anybody, even for Microsoft, as this multiple sku thing will just confuse and irritate hasty xmas shoppers, and more so little Billy and Janey on xmas morning when they get the awfully stripped down Core System. The best thing would have been to include at least basic hardware with all the basic options. Hard drive included. We don't need Hi-def cables, necessarily, because developers don't NEED those to either include or NOT include certain features. We're talking about 0 or 1, not degrees of good. Hi-def is better than regular s-video or RCAs, but even if you only have a coax jack, you still get picture. Nintendo had the right idea with the RAM expansion pak. I WANTED that bastard for Perfect Dark, but the game would still more or less run without it. It's not like they shipped a system with NO RAM in it at all.

Not having the hard drive is just such a stupid, stupid move on Microsoft's part, especially if the PS3 includes one in every box. If so, sayonara M$. I have to think Nintendo is considering mass storage options, too, what with the huge catalog of downloadable games they'll have available. Talk about a launch lineup.

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