Friday, October 21, 2005

Your assigned reading for the night.

This description (from a porn site) was too funny:

"I mean sure, she sucks a huge black dick. And yep, she fucks it, too. Then she does what a lot of girls can't do...she takes Boz in the ass. I'm serious. All of it. Like a foot of black dick invades her colon. She takes black dick in her ass so well she's won porno awards! That's how well she takes a black dick in her ass. And if that wasn't enough, guess what she does? ATM. Nope, she didn't go get some money out of the bank. ATM stands for ass to mouth. In other words, Boz pulled 13 inches out of her ass so she could taste it. Yum! Then she tasted more of Boz, if you get what we mean."

"Invades her colon." Great stuff. And yes, the cool kids spell it "pron" not "porn." Taken straight from the fetid bowels of

I'm watching Blind Date (the movie) and John Larroquette is too freakin funny. The scream he lets out right before he drives into all those buildings is on par with the one from "Ouch My Face with Shepard Smith." (look here for more info on that:

Switching gears, check this shit out. And by "shit" I mean "shit":

CHRISTIAN EXODUS (thanks modogg) - It's hard to know where to live in this sin cursed world of ours, but thankfully God is there to give you a helping hand. God, through one of his many reliable proxies, has chosen South Carolina to be his holy land, and this site invites you to bring God's Will to life by moving to one of the South's many backwards states, where you can enjoy a variety of stereotypes firsthand! It's a good thing we can't question the Will of God, because it sure doesn't hold up on paper these days.

Just what we need, more Godites up in arms.

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