Saturday, November 12, 2005

Another meaningful chat with Derek

[08:20] lillesthottboy06: get on so we can play ass
[08:37] Prime01010: i only get on your mom
[08:37] lillesthottboy06: k
[08:38] lillesthottboy06: well does that mean we are gonna play unreal tourney?
[08:38] Prime01010: no
[08:38] Prime01010: i just worked all night. ass.
[08:38] lillesthottboy06: hahahahaha
[08:38] lillesthottboy06: work
[08:38] lillesthottboy06: i dont kno wat that word means
[08:38] Prime01010: are you always this bitchy? bitch?
[08:38] lillesthottboy06: haha im not bitchy
[08:39] lillesthottboy06: well go to sleep
[08:39] Prime01010: ok. ass.
[08:39] lillesthottboy06: haha
[08:39] lillesthottboy06: later
[08:39] Prime01010: tell your mom i'll be right over.

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