Sunday, November 20, 2005

A blogger who wants to be left alone

It seems to me that a huge part of the reason we people write shit on the internet is to get noticed and talk to other people. This seems especially true of a group-blog community mesh like myspace. So why the fuck does someone come on here and then rue the day that she gets friend invites? I mean, HELLOOOOOOO. Stupid. It's like taking ex-lax and being surprised an hour later when you have to take a dump.

People are morons.

And I don't make any presuppositions that anyone here reads this crap or gives two shits about it. It's just my little way of pointing the spotlight here and there, shining it on things that are worth your while, or trying to amuse you.

So, do the world a favor and make sure to send Jackie a friend invite. And while you're at it, leave her a message, too. I enjoy making people crazy, and so should you.

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