Saturday, November 19, 2005

Dear Mike,

Yes, I know why you don't like consoles; YOU ARE TEH PURIZTS!!! But really, consoles are the place to be for sports, racing, and some sub-genres of the Action fold. Having a standardized controller for those things with analog precision (the keyboard won't work for EVERYTHING) is really nice. Plus, there are people who still get an erection for Mario and other licensed characters. Not ME, but, you know...people.

I get my old mascot fix via the old skool emulation route. Thus, a PC (or a modded Xbox, which IS a PC) is where to be. Same thing with the FPS genre. Mouse and keyboard beats the existing controller setups hands down. Now, if someone would listen to ME for a change, they would make a controller that has an analog stick on one side and a trackball on the other, a setup that would give the mouse-keyboard a run for its money. But no. They LOOOOVVVE convention.

Nintendo is always the one to blaze trails and make the big innovations (they first added shoulder buttons to a controller, the analog stick, tilt sensitivity, touch screen implementation, etc.), but their new controller might be a little TOO out of left field. It's like a wand/remote/tilt/light gun hybrid thingy that is just nuts. It's a little far from normal. We'll have to see how it pans out.

Make war, wage love.

P.S. This chick put up some funny gifs and avatars. I particularly like the "Hitler - Think Different" Apple one. Plus, her name is CUNTSNOT. How can you NOT like THAT?

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