Saturday, November 05, 2005

Factories making penes?

Yes folks, it may be least in the deranged imagination of a woman reading from a porn script:

"Evew since I stawted sticking things in my pussy as a little giwl I have not been satisfied. My holes could always take mowe. My owgasms wewe not complete. Thewe was a spot, way up in thewe, that needed to be weached. Needed to be pwobed. Fucked. What was it? Whewe was my dweam lovew? Lately, my dweams have become mowe vague. Like visions. I see factowies making penises. Penises designed for pleasuwe."

"Maybe it was a show I saw on late night or something. A giant penis, called King Dong. But it wasn't weal. Why was I having these visions? Oh, God, please give me something huge to put up me to make these visions stop! Give me the owgasm that I crave!"

See more in the laugh-tastic Horrors of Porn review here:

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