Friday, November 04, 2005


You Are A: Monkey!

monkeyMonkeys are intelligent and agile, well-adapted for jungle life as they swing happily from tree to tree. As a monkey, you are a social animal who is quick to learn new things and loves to climb. A monkey's tiny primate features are irresistable, as is his gregarious personality!

You were almost a: Kitten or a Frog
You are least like a: Bunny or a SquirrelDiscover What Cute Animal You Are!

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jim miller said...

i'm a monkey, too...furthermore:
You were almost a: Parakeet or a Pony
You are least like a: Groundhog or a Lamb

yeah, so i found one thing on your blog that i could relate to...

anyway, my wife arrived last week, i'm not working, so i've got plenty of time know, what you want to be doing...