Friday, November 11, 2005

What a great awful night

I've had a migraine all night, which wouldn't normally be a problem cuz I'd be sleeping. Working third shift, tho, makes it a whole other ballgame. Yuxorz.

If there's one thing I hate, it's when I try to help someone out and they just bitch about what I do or how I'm doing it. I've gotten a good bit of that lately, and I'm ready to say FUCK YOU to the person mainly responsible. I've never seen a grown man act like such a baby, but apparently he's been like this his whole life, stomping around slamming doors when he doesn't get his way. Fucking hell.

I've been stomping around in War of the Monsters (PS2) lately. Pretty fun. I finally earned the 400,000 credits I needed to unlock Raptros and Zorgulon or whatever their names are. I can't say they're really worth it, which is probably why the game insists that you save right when you pay for them before you get to see them in action. Raptros is a lot like Preytor, and I don't like him anyway, so meh. Zorgulon is that brain guy you fight at the end, and I don't much like him either. What a way to blow 400k in credits when I could have been unlocking new areas to destroy or new minigames. Oh well. Guess I'll just have to keep whomping away in Endurance mode. It's by far the easiest and least frustrating way to get credits. The Adventure mode is just frustrating. If you ever feel like flattening a city, Rampage style, while pounding the crap out of another big monster (or three), check out War of the Monsters. It's pretty damn good. BTW, it's by those guys behind Warhawk, Twisted Metal Black, and God of War, if that motivates you at all.

The Long Kiss Goodnight was on tv tonight. Good flick, but I had to keep turning down the volume to keep from aggravating my throbbing skull.

I found a couple of really awesome gals on MySpace tonite, too, but wouldn'tcha know it, as soon as I go to send 'em a message or an invite, the site shuts down for maintenance. And why is it that all the best people for me end up living a million miles away?

And my seester sent me quite an unexpected gift. Apparently her job has been good to her and her fam this year and they wanted to spread the love around. If she's reading this, KEEP IT COMING! :) I've got rent to pay!

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