Thursday, December 08, 2005

Bruins-Games-Babes (what else is there?)

Not to sound too Seinfeld, but what's the deal with the Bruins this year? I never paid them much heed until my last move made them the home team. I've seen them snatch defeat from the jaws of victory so many times this season, and from lesser teams! Then they play Ottawa--arguably the best team in the NHL right now-- and shut them out 3-0. Did I miss something?

Their first game with Marco Sturm and Brad Stuart went appropriately well, but things still seem kinda spotty on the team. Sturm and Stuart have been golden to me since NHL 2k3 came out for the PS2 and they were holding San Jose together like glue. A speedy winger and a tall, sturdy, quick defender? Sounds good to me. Were they worth trading Joe Thornton? Hard to say in the short term, but if these guys can bring a little more discipline and single-minded team play to the Bruins game, more power to them.

I just got done watching Colorado walk all over the Bruins, and occasionally I see a team where it looks like everybody knows what's going on. Colorado is (or at least tonight was) one of those teams. It also doesn't help that the Bean-town boys seem overly reliant on dump-and-chase and shooting the puck from the blue line smothered in prayers and well wishings. God forbid you guys insist on being within 20 feet of the goal when you fire one off. And one-timers? Haven't seen one that I can remember lately. Well, none from more than a foot inside the blue line.

Maybe they need to spread out more. Keep at least one forward on the edge of the defensive zone so you can get a shot at a breakaway. I nominate Sturm. Then get your defenders to play tight man-to-man defense and stop watching things happen and trying to react later.

Raycroft and Toivonen are playing their dear little hearts out in net, and the team playing in front of them isn't worth their services at this point.

In other news, Whose Line is it Anyway, Little Britain, and Brainiac are still the best shows on TV these days. At least there's something worth watching for a change.

And when I'm not doing that (or simultaneously), I'm earning levels in WoW (PC) and Armada (Dreamcast). My gentle-giant tauren shaman is up to level 13 and doing quite well. It's fun to wait about 5 or 6 levels between shopping sprees for new skills. Adding Lightning Shield, Fire Shock, and several new Earth totems, in addition to upping my Earth Shock, Lightning Bolt, and Healing Wave levels has made me a little more comfortable with getting into the thick of it with 3 or 4 Prairie Wolf Alphas.

As for Armada, I didn't play it at all today (yet), but yesterday I found out all my characters got deleted somehow, though my game was still saved. So I have a campaign saved at 28 missions complete, and I'm supposed to go after the Armada Overlord, and I have a level 1 ship. Yeah right. So I started over after beefing the ship slowly up to about level 12. Starting the game with a level 12 ship is a lot better than jumping in halfway with a level 1 ship. I shall make money, whoop the Armada, and maybe take names.

I'm going to a partay this weekend, and there will be two key ingredients--females and alcohol. I'm hoping for good things to happen, and if you're really nice to me, I'll tell you all about it. From what I hear, there's at least one hottie gonna be there who's actively ON THE MARKET if you know what I mean. Here's hoping.

And if I ever find me a single gal that looks like this, I'ma marry her on the spot.

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elvira black said...

Yes, the girl looks very hot, but what the hell is she picking outta her bum?