Sunday, December 25, 2005

More fun with Mike F.

[23:37] Mike F: Sup fool
[23:37] Me: YO MOMMA
[23:37] Mike F: trashcan man
[23:38] Me: yeah. werd.
[23:38] Mike F: are you working right now?
[23:38] Me: nah
[23:38] Mike F: Oh
[23:38] Me: that comes pater
[23:39] Me: *later
[23:39] Mike F: I thought when you were on here you were workin
[23:40] Me: naw
[23:41] Me: so, about that Russian chick in my dream......thoughts?
[23:42] Mike F: Pretty weird. I think you should make a story out of it though.
[23:42] Me: ok. where do i start.
[23:43] Mike F:
[23:43] Mike F: Not there.
[23:43] Me: noice
[23:43] Mike F: Just write the dream, expound on stuff to fill in the cracks, voila
[23:44] Me: oh yeah
[23:44] Me: see, you're better at this than i am
[23:44] Mike F: I mean the email you sent had a pretty good place to start right there. Are you going to include the fact that it was a dream?
[23:45] Mike F: Has that been done?
[23:45] Me: uhhh, i know there was Jump to Conclusions mat in Office Space
[23:46] Mike F: Not the same ;)
[23:47] Me: Dood, what IS up with that hitman site?
[23:47] Me: if i send them my name, they prolly send me the police.
[23:47] Mike F: harhar
[23:47] Mike F: I'm pretty sure a hitman place wouldn't have frickin banners all over.
[23:48] Me: why not. we all need sponsors.
[23:49] Me: SO. how goes the armor plating business?
[23:49] Mike F: silly sillt
[23:50] Mike F: Eh, it's on the back burner for now. I made a bracelet for the girl I'm dating, turned out a-pretty-pretty nice.
[23:50] Mike F: Smallest work I've done to date.
[23:50] Mike F:
[23:51] Me: you're DATING? a GIRL? call Guiness
[23:51] Mike F: HOLY CRAPOLA
[23:52] Me: where do you FIND this shit?
[23:52] Me: dildo cozies?
[23:52] Me: really now
[23:52] Mike F: Look at this crap.
[23:52] Mike F:
[23:53] Me: so, the question stands. where DO you find this crap?
[23:53] Mike F: It's in one of the forum discussions about Ebay auctions or something.
[23:54] Mike F: Find it go go go
[23:55] Me: no
[23:55] Me: I WILL NOT
[23:55] Me: YOU CAN'T MAKE ME
[23:55] Mike F: ...ok
[23:55] Mike F: *whimpers*
[23:56] Mike F: My boss gave me a recipe for rum balls today.
[23:58] Me: bonus
[23:58] Me: how goes the deli ninja bizness
[23:58] Mike F: good, good can't complain except for today.
[23:58] Me: is that where you met your ho?
[23:59] Mike F: CASE IN POINT: If it's late at night and you think the store down the road *might* be closed do you a) maybe wait until tomorrow or 2) fuckit go anyway?
[23:59] Mike F: no I met her at college
[23:59] Mike F: She's *30*
[23:59] Mike F: You believe that?
[23:59] Me: how old are you again?
[23:59] Mike F: 24
[23:59] Mike F: You believe that?
[23:59] Me: sort of
[00:00] Me: i'm 28 and was dating a 37-yr-old in NYC
[00:00] Me: and she was HOT
[00:01] Mike F: what would you do in the above situations?
[00:01] Me: go to the store. pussy.
[00:01] Mike F: screw you.
[00:01] Me: what
[00:01] Me: you asked
[00:01] Mike F: People need to shop at NORMAL TIMES.
[00:01] Mike F: Frickin comin in my store at 1 minute til 9 asking me for messy roast beef on a slicer I just cleaned.
[00:02] Mike F: GIMME A BREAK
[00:02] Me: no, we need more 24-hr stores
[00:02] Mike F: This one shuts down at 10
[00:02] Mike F: Deli at 9
[00:02] Me: well, a deli should close. but like a grocery store should stay open.
[00:02] Me: a nigga gets hungry at night
[00:02] Mike F: It used to be 24 hour but that was just the grocery portion. I don't think there are *any* such places that have all departments open all hours.
[00:02] Mike F: No these honkies wait until the last minute.
[00:03] Mike F: They's gonna git they ass kilt.
[00:03] Mike F: brah
[00:03] Mike F: knawmsayin?
[00:04] Me: sure. is it thugland where you at?
[00:04] Mike F: yeeah boyee racooneyez yo hometown brah.
[00:05] Mike F: I'm in a weird mood
[00:05] Mike F: can you tell?
[00:05] Me: i dunno, seems pretty normal to me
[00:05] Mike F: Oh ok
[00:06] Me: we're watching the Penn and Teller Bullshit about the bible
[00:06] Mike F: hehe
[00:06] Mike F: I like them. I saw the one about fortune tellers or something.
[00:07] Mike F:
[00:08] Me: nice
[00:08] Mike F: bukkakemasu
[00:08] Mike F: GLURT
[00:08] Me: i saw a really long drawn out bukkake.
[00:08] Me: i'm like "eww"
[00:08] Mike F: where/when
[00:08] Mike F: It wasn't at your place was it?
[00:08] Me: on tha INTARWEB duh
[00:11] Mike F:
[00:14] Mike F: whatever, something stupid
[00:15] Me: so how is Zaxxon 2006 coming?
[00:15] Mike F: Nicely. I have the flight down and I'm trying to make a small model maing program to make that a little easier. Did I tell you about that yet?
[00:16] Me: no.
[00:18] Mike F: And I'm not entirely sure I want the ship to be able to turn. It's too difficult to figure out how to "see through" terrain or buildings that are in front of the camera. And I don't want the ship to be able to hide behind anything. So it'll probably be just one direction.
[00:18] Mike F: Definitely cuts down on the amount of wowee things but I can put that in other games.
[00:19] Me: surprise me
[00:19] Me: with gameplay
[00:19] Mike F: gameplay = plot or gameplay = hard to beat?
[00:20] Me: = controls well and feels natural to play
[00:20] Mike F: ok
[00:20] Mike F: You've played the original zaxxon though right?
[00:20] Me: yeah
[00:21] Mike F: It'll be like that
[00:21] Mike F: probably you can fly around and get powerups from dead ships or some things on the ground that you shoot.
[00:21] Mike F: You ever played raptor?
[00:21] Me: not that i recall
[00:22] Mike F: that was just a top down scrolling shooter.
[00:22] Mike F: I gotta simplify this game or I'll be working on it forever.
[00:22] Me: well duh
[00:22] Me: i'm just sayin, when i push up, i want it to go up right away.
[00:22] Mike F: ok
[00:22] Mike F: no gradual stuff?
[00:23] Me: well, sure
[00:23] Mike F: cuz it does
[00:23] Me: but there are games that feel "clunky"
[00:23] Me: cuz the controls aren't responsive
[00:23] Mike F: gotcha
[00:23] Me: it reminds the player that there's a layer between them and the game
[00:23] Mike F: No it does a check every cycle to see what keys are being pressed
[00:25] Mike F: I can make it happen
[00:25] Mike F: Man that sucks though. I had big ideas but I have to really trim it down. It'll still be cool though. I just wanted something to show employers.
[00:27] Me: put tits in it
[00:27] Me: and have the ship look like a christmas tree
[00:27] Mike F: I'll have a special tit-ship just for you.
[00:27] Me: i always have lots of helpful advice
[00:28] Me: have the last boss be a big blubbery vagina. like Bill O'Reilly
[00:28] Mike F: Yes you do and for that I am ok.
[00:28] Mike F: HAR HAR
[00:28] Mike F: "bill o reilly is a big blubbering vagina"
[00:29] Me: yeo
[00:29] Me: *yep
[00:29] Mike F: "my name... is YEO"
[00:36] Mike F: I'm teaching myself the guitar
[00:36] Me: bravo. you rockstar you
[00:37] Mike F: Yep. I'm doing it right now.
[00:37] Mike F: Ok I'm done.
[00:37] Me: gonna get tattoos and get your sack pierced and bang lots of hot chicks?
[00:37] Mike F: HAR
[00:37] Mike F: Yeah lots of underage groupies.
[00:37] Mike F: If there's grass on the field play ball
[00:37] Me: BONUS
[00:37] Me: old enough to pee, old enough for me
[00:37] Mike F: yucky and I told you that one.
[00:38] Me: OH NO YOU DI'IN'T
[00:38] Mike F: PUT A CAPP IN YO ASS YO
[00:38] Mike F: pao pao
[00:39] Me: NURRRRD
[00:39] Mike F: Yeah so
[00:39] Mike F: DEE DEE DEEEEEE
[00:39] Me: so, tell me about your ho
[00:40] Me: send me pics of her boobs like that other ho you had
[00:40] Mike F: I can't, I don't have any pics yet.
[00:40] Mike F: But they're pretty sizable.
[00:40] Mike F: Not spotted.
[00:40] Me: like an owl?
[00:40] Mike F: No.
[00:40] Mike F: Remember how the last one had like a ton of freckles or something.
[00:40] Mike F: Maybe zits I dunno.
[00:40] Me: no
[00:40] Mike F: These are *pristine*
[00:40] Me: i didn't have that good a view
[00:41] Me: i got a pixely image taken from someone's camera phone
[00:41] Me: YOU ASS
[00:41] Mike F: Yeah you did because you made the comment "They're spotted" right when I sent them to you and I used a camera not a phone.
[00:41] Mike F: It's your MEMORY that's pixelley
[00:42] Me: no
[00:42] Me: the pic obviously wasn't worth keepin, cuz i don't have it
[00:42] Me: you sure she didn't just have chicken pox
[00:42] Mike F: You formatted it.
[00:42] Me: i formatted your mom
[00:42] Mike F: No cuz I had my face in them about 1 minute after the picture and my face was pox-free.
[00:43] Me: maybe she was growing a colony of secondary nipples
[00:43] Mike F: nastay
[00:43] Me: like a cow's tit
[00:43] Me: udders
[00:43] Mike F: you are teh grozzing me out
[00:43] Mike F: Anyway this girl probably wouldn't let me take a picture anyway.
[00:43] Mike F: she doesn't seem to be like that.
[00:44] Me: she's a prude?
[00:44] Me: titties are one of nature's greatest gifts. they are meant to be shared
[00:44] Mike F: If I told her they were for a trusted friend (you) and her face wasn't in there, then she *might* go for it. I'd have to tell her you were a breast connoisseurrererr.
[00:44] Me: i give mammograms
[00:45] Me: brb, gotta shit
[00:45] Mike F: ok don't hurry
[00:48] Mike F: There is a camera in the middle of this thing and it's a buncha what looks like scrabble tiles. Check it out
[00:54] Me: man that was a LOG
[00:55] Mike F: Hope it coiled properly or you might get a letter from the water plant.
[00:55] Me: naw, it was str8
[00:55] Me: i could really go for a quarter pounder right now
[00:56] Me: or a Royale
[00:56] Mike F: Plusgood
[00:56] Mike F: double quarter pounder with chays royale
[00:56] Me: i order it plain, and last time plain apparently somehow meant "no onions"
[00:57] Mike F: was that in the movie
[00:57] Me: "but put all the other shit on it"
[00:57] Me: no, that really happened
[00:57] Me: like, yesterday
[00:57] Mike F: man
[00:57] Mike F: shoot him
[00:58] Me: i can't believe we hire the stupidest people among us to prepare our food
[00:59] Mike F: Don't eat there
[00:59] Mike F: They put chicken heads in the nuggets mang
[01:00] Mike F:
[01:00] Me: i don't eat their nuggets
[01:00] Me: i go to wendy's for that
[01:00] Me: tastes more like beak
[01:00] Mike F: amen on the chili too
[01:00] Mike F: I like wendy's. It's ashame there isn't one close by here.
[01:00] Me: and CHICKEN TITS
[01:01] Mike F: HAR HAR PEENER
[01:01] Me: i hear ya. we have a W and a McD but no taco bell or BK or Pizza Butt around here. so there's a lot of monotony in my diet.
[01:02] Mike F: I've got all the others right by here.
[01:02] Mike F: We should join forces like some kind of fast food voltron
[01:02] Mike F: I'll form the head
[01:02] Mike F: HAR
[01:02] Me: word
[01:02] Me: Lions or Cars?
[01:03] Mike F: Lions are the shiznit
[01:03] Me: fuckin A
[01:03] Me: that was a test
[01:03] Me: you pass
[01:03] Me: are all british pop bands whiny and depressing?
[01:03] Me: Duran Dur....BOOHOOHOOOOO
[01:04] Mike F: Haven't heard that name in years.
[01:04] Mike F: wasn't there a version of voltron with cars though or was that somthing else? I only remember lions.
[01:04] Me: there were three
[01:04] Me: the lions
[01:04] Me: 5 of 'em
[01:04] Me: another with 15 cars
[01:05] Mike F: what the deuce
[01:05] Me: and a really obscure one where three man-shaped robots joined into a bigger man-shaped robot with six arms
[01:05] Me: that one didn't get much hype
[01:05] Me: cuz they realized it was GAY
[01:06] Me: i think they were trying to appeal to the female audience.
[01:06] Mike F: That sounds retahded.
[01:06] Me: cuz, you know how chicks dig a guy with extra arms
[01:06] Mike F: Like some kinda sexy krishna or something brah
[01:06] Me: at EGM one year, they polled all the chicks in the office for hottest game hunk, and Goro from Mortal Kombat won "cuz he had extra hands"
[01:07] Me: and i'm like, "for what? so he can fist your vag, your ass, AND your mouth, all while eating a sammich from the deli ninja's stash?"
[01:07] Me: bitches, i tell ya
[01:07] Mike F: YES
[01:07] Mike F: Maybe he'll get them mixed up or something.
[01:07] Mike F: fisting a sammich while eating ass.
[01:07] Me: they want a cold tuna sammich crammed in their tuna hole
[01:07] Mike F: and then be like "whoops"
[01:08] Me: chicks want a baseball bat up their holes
[01:08] Mike F: tell ya what, if I find a pic of some tits that look like this girl's I'll send them your way
[01:09] Me: well how will i know what i'm lookin for
[01:09] Mike F: What do you mean

[01:09] Me: i have to find a pic of something that looks like something i've never seen
[01:09] Me: butterface alert:
[01:10] Mike F: ehh
[01:10] Mike F: not so much
[01:11] Me: those are nice tits tho
[01:11] Mike F: I agree
[01:11] Me: too bad about her face
[01:11] Mike F: could be because of the "smile"
[01:11] Me: and the freaky satan eyes
[01:12] Me:
[01:12] Mike F: nope
[01:13] Me:
[01:13] Me: well?
[01:13] Mike F: pretty close
[01:13] Mike F: she's kind of a big girl
[01:13] Me:
[01:13] Mike F: I meant if *I FIND* one that looks like her tits I'll send them
[01:14] Mike F: COME ON
[01:14] Mike F: REALLY
[01:14] Me: hey, it could happen
[01:14] Mike F: No. No it couldn't.
[01:14] Me:
[01:14] Me: shit
[01:14] Mike F: So big it's not found.
[01:15] Me:
[01:15] Me: there
[01:15] Mike F:
[01:16] Mike F: The last two (or four hehe) are about right
[01:16] Mike F: Too bad the ones I sent aren't naykid.
[01:16] Me: that doesn't tell me shit
[01:16] Me: NAYKID
[01:17] Mike F:
[01:17] Me:
[01:19] Mike F: BUKKAKE
[01:20] Mike F: WAHOO!
[01:27] Mike F: You there?
[01:27] Me: i keep watching the WoW video
[01:27] Me: it is funnay
[01:28] Me: i wish i could DL it
[01:28] Mike F: Just save it as a fav
[01:28] Mike F: I dunno.
[01:28] Mike F: Hope that they don't
[01:28] Me: psh
[01:28] Mike F: Try finding it online somewhere. It's on google so it has to be at a place.
[01:28] Me: i didn't get a 160GB hard drive to NOT save everything i can find on it
[01:29] Me: i tried view source to find the .swf file, but it ain't that tidy
[01:29] Mike F: Is it an .swf?
[01:31] Me: yeah
[01:31] Mike F: pissway
[01:31] Me: but it also isn't
[01:31] Mike F: pisswaq*
[01:31] Me: it's complicated. i ran into this the other dya
[01:31] Mike F: I don't think you know what you are talking about sirrah
[01:32] Me: found it as an avi file
[01:32] Me: NIGGA
[01:32] Mike F: Holy crap this is an hilarious idea. A chainsaw on a remote controlled car.
[01:33] Mike F: Take the chain off and chase people around with it.
[01:34] Me: wow, a server hath been wanged
[01:34] Me:
[01:34] Mike F: can't look right now brb
[01:35] Mike F: that's enough of that.
[01:35] Mike F: Ok what happened?
[01:35] Mike F: CLOUD
[01:36] Me: it's a game being developed at USC with help from EA
[01:36] Mike F: wow
[01:36] Me: it has a really great soundtrack
[01:36] Me: you can download it from that site
[01:36] Mike F: Nah
[01:36] Mike F: Who plays in the soundtrack?
[01:36] Me: WHY NOT R U GAY?
[01:36] Mike F: YES OK?
[01:36] Me: it's instrumental
[01:37] Mike F: DEAL
[01:37] Me: FAGGGGOT
[01:37] Mike F: PROBABLY
[01:37] Mike F: (i'm running dry)
[01:37] Me: so, you just made up this girl
[01:37] Mike F: No she's real
[01:37] Me: she's a blow up doll
[01:37] Mike F: Yeah I bit her tit and she farted and flew out the window i will miss her
[01:38] Me: lol
[01:38] Me: Katemonster. :)
[01:39] Me: my mum doesn't believe that 2/3 of the internet is porn
[01:39] Mike F: What's katemonster
[01:39] Me: IN THE VIDEO. god, don't you even LOOK at what you send me?
[01:39] Mike F: Nope I look after I gauge your reaction.
[01:39] Me: LOL
[01:40] Mike F: "is it safe?"
[01:42] Mike F: I couldn't understand that frickin troll for the most part. She was very enunciated though.
[01:42] Mike F: I just never picture a tauren of ANY sex to have a angel voice like that though.
[01:43] Mike F: grab em by the horns
[01:43] Me: i have a tauren shaman in the works. male tho. lvl 15
[01:43] Me: LOL
[01:43] Mike F: Hey did you see the original one with Walken in there?
[01:43] Me: que?
[01:43] Mike F: Holy crap.
[01:44] Mike F: The original SNL skit. did you see it.
[01:44] Me: WHAT original SNL skit?
[01:44] Me: use DETAILS
[01:44] Mike F: Han gon.
[01:44] Me: so i can UNDERSTAND you
[01:44] Mike F: I'm sending 2 links shortly.
[01:44] Me: yikes
[01:44] Me: the intarwebz will collapse
[01:44] Mike F:
[01:44] Mike F: go there first
[01:45] Mike F: Then go here:
[01:47] Mike F: Crap
[01:48] Mike F: First video here:
[01:57] Me: there's like 20 minutes of my life i'll never get back
[01:57] Mike F: HAR HAR
[01:57] Mike F: I looked at it too.
[01:57] Mike F: You're gonna die in 7 days
[01:58] Me: why
[01:58] Mike F: cuz you saw
[01:59] Me: saw what
[01:59] Mike F: the movies
[01:59] Me: what movies
[01:59] Mike F: the ones i just sent you
[01:59] Me: what's that got to do with dying in 7 days
[02:00] Mike F: Have you ever seen The Ring?
[02:01] Me: oh, that turd? yeah.
[02:02] Mike F: That's the reference
[02:02] Me: uh huh
[02:03] Me: there's another 20 minutes of my life i'll never get back
[02:03] Mike F: HA
[02:03] Mike F: 40!
[02:04] Mike F: I'ma go soon.
[02:04] Me: u r killing me softly
[02:04] Mike F: die faster plzkthx
[02:04] Mike F: :P
[02:04] Mike F: :-P
[02:04] Mike F: That's so ghey. You have to put a dash in there to get a picture of a smiley.
[02:04] Mike F: Regular smileys don't have frickin noses.
[02:04] Mike F: :-)
[02:04] Mike F: :)
[02:04] Mike F: either way works.
[02:04] Me: (flag)
[02:05] Me: (bttf)
[02:05] Me: dill dough
[02:05] Mike F: bttf
[02:07] Mike F: ?
[02:07] Me: blargle
[02:07] Mike F: what does bttf mean
[02:08] Me: i dunno
[02:08] Mike F: MAN
[02:08] Mike F: GIVE IT UP
[02:08] Me: on my screen i made a flag and a car.
[02:08] Mike F: And the car went "bttf"
[02:09] Mike F: HA
[02:09] Me: (hourglass) that's an hourglass
[02:09] Mike F: No it just says (hourglass)
[02:09] Me: yeah, and that looks like an hourglass on my screen
[02:09] Me: put spaces between the letters
[02:09] Mike F: Yeah you know why that is?
[02:09] Me: cuz you eat dick?
[02:09] Mike F: NO. CUZ YOU EAT DICK.
[02:10] Me: not the way your mom does
[02:10] Mike F: Yeah you love it smear it some more on your face
[02:10] Mike F: what
[02:10] Mike F: Are you putting this up on your blog?
[02:10] Me: LOL
[02:10] Me: that's a good idea
[02:10] Mike F: The whole thing?
[02:10] Me: why not?
[02:10] Mike F: excerpt the boring parts./
[02:10] Me: there ARE no boring parts
[02:11] Me: except the parts where you're being a cum eating choad
[02:11] Me: and don't show your girlyfriend, or you'll NEVAR get to see them titties
[02:11] Me: and thus, neither will i
[02:11] Mike F: Well they're there all the time for me. I don't know what to tell you.
[02:12] Mike F: I likes em. I make no effort to hide the fact and I've complimented her many times on this.
[02:12] Me: u'r like "they feel just like my boyfriend's buttox"
[02:13] Mike F: Not quite.
[02:13] Mike F: I mena, uh...
[02:13] Me: you love the cock
[02:13] Me: is Dick Cheney your dad?
[02:13] Me: all his kids are homos
[02:14] Mike F: n osir
[02:14] Mike F: no sir no sir
[02:14] Me: do you "shovel snow"?
[02:15] Mike F: do you "eat oyster"
[02:15] Me: do you "drink cum"?
[02:15] Mike F: do you "fellate males"
[02:15] Me: do you "fuck your mom"?
[02:15] Mike F: do you "bob knob"
[02:16] Me: do you "try to suck your own dick with your mouth"?
[02:16] Mike F: "no"
[02:16] Me: lol
[02:16] Mike F: Who hasn't tried.
[02:16] Mike F: every guy tries at least twice.
[02:16] Mike F: If you can you don't need a girlfriend EVAR
[02:16] Me: 'cept that guy who broke his neck on the first try
[02:16] Me: he didn't try twice
[02:17] Mike F: The second time is usually "Hey I think I'm more flexible now... nope still can't reach"
[02:17] Me: yeah, god sux. he gave all the animals that don't want oral the ability to lick themselves. but us? NOOOOOOOOO
[02:19] Mike F: No just huge dicks.
[02:19] Mike F: Which site is this going on?
[02:20] Me: i have 3 now
[02:20] Mike F: AR HAR HARHAR
[02:20] Mike F: What's the names of all 3.
[02:20] Mike F: I only know 2.
[02:20] Me:
[02:20] Me:
[02:21] Me:
[02:21] Me: there's a new YOUR MOM joke in there i made up
[02:21] Mike F: Hey it's That One Girl Who Hardly Shows Her Tits Ever Evar!
[02:21] Mike F: Yeah I saw it.
[02:22] Mike F: Dude you have repeated the same thing 3 times.
[02:22] Mike F: This is one site in triplicate. You dud.
[02:22] Me: i know
[02:22] Me: i don't have that much good material
[02:22] Me: you've been OFFLINE ASSHOLE
[02:22] Me: this shit's not gonna write itself!
[02:23] Mike F: That's my superhero name, how'd you know?
[02:23] Me: too busy playing with some inflatable tits to entertain the masses on the intarweb.
[02:24] Me: there's a kitty here acting all slutty
[02:25] Mike F: You lie.
[02:26] Mike F: I am gonna go soon.
[02:28] Mike F: Are you done playing?
[02:29] Mike F: HEY
[02:31] Me: playing what
[02:31] Mike F: On here.
[02:31] Me: NEVAR!
[02:31] Mike F: It's time for my beauty sleep fool.
[02:31] Me: believe it or not, i've been working off and on during all this
[02:31] Mike F: YEAH IT FIGURES>
[02:31] Mike F: but I'm gonna go for now
[02:32] Me: i can multitask, beeeyotch
[02:32] Me: OK GO THEN PUSSY
[02:32] Mike F: dun dun DUNNNN
[02:32] Me: yeah that
[02:34] Mike F: gotta go
[02:34] Mike F: byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee says OFFLINE ASSHOLE

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