Monday, December 19, 2005

A new craze?

Apparently, as if the Internet weren't anonymous enough, now people are role-playing as their favorite TV personalities, which strikes me as terribly adolescent and even a smidge creepy. See for yourself:



dead (aka siko_bitch)

I find these people difficult to give a shit about as human beings, if they're so painfully uninteresting on their own that they have to take on alter egos.

On an unrelated note, Jerry Maguire is a pretty good movie, the way As Good As It Gets and Love Actually are good. Club Dread is good, but in an entirely different way. A funny way. And a Jordan Ladd/Brittany Daniel kind of way.

P.S. I need to get some jeans. Can anyone recommend me a brand?


elvira black said...

All I know is, I tend to eschew sites that have their own soundtrack

Lord Boinkingham said...

I assume you mean people who have stuff that auto-plays when you open the site. The stuff I posted on the right side here is entirely optional, of course.