Thursday, December 29, 2005

Pardon my French....


There, I feel slightly better.

Here's a little outline of my day:

1. Get up at 7am to finish work I started at 10pm the night before.

2. Get confused by some guy in Iraq trying to buy job postings (from, where I work) by faking a company that supposedly exists either in Ohio or Michigan. So I send him an email to call and verify his shit. I put notes in our system that point out that he'd better have a good story to back up his purchase and fucked up contact info.

3. I get labeled a racist for what happened in #2.

4. I find out that the Russian matriarch who moved in here a month or so ago is now trying to throw out everybody she doesn't want around, including me, two other adults, an 8-year-old girl, and a 4-month-old baby. Compassionate, those Red bastards.

Let's go back to #3 for a moment. Now, I'm a simple kinda guy who thinks most people have, at the very least, the capacity to NOT be an oversensitive asshole. Of course, I'm wrong 99% of the time. Somebody on the internal fraud task force mailing list read my notes and instead of seeing that I wanted a good explanation due to their completely nonsensical and unverifiable contact information, they dreamt me up as someone who hates brown people.

I can't even be sure which race I supposedly loathe, since the guy's IP address resolved to "Palestine Occupied Territories," hailed from Iraq, and somebody else told me he was from Pakistan. So who, exactly, am I supposed to be slighting here? I sure as fuck don't know, because I'm not a racist asshole, unlike the stupid motherfucker who labeled me. And yes, I think people who are overly sensitive to racial slurs are themselves being racist by continuing to identify themselves as "special" or "different." Fuck you. Fuck all of you.

Call me cracker, honky, Wonderbread, flat ass; I don't care. You can tell me all about how you want to fuck my mother. I don't care. I'm not a crybaby bitch like this anonymous wannabe whistleblower.

Let me take you back to 1998 to shed a little light on why this pisses me off. I was hired at Suncoast Motion Picture Company as an Assistant Manager, right off the salesfloor since I shopped there several times a week. What I didn't know--and what my dickhead manager couldn't be honest about and just TELL me--was that I was only temporary, to fill in while he and the other senior staff took their vacation time. I could at least start looking for another job in the meantime. But that's not the best part! When all that was taken care of, he intentionally manipulated register counts to make it look like money disappeared on my shift, and point the finger at me, even though A) there were a minimum of two other people in the drawer at the same exact times, and B) the overages and shortages actually came up to a wash. They evened out. No money was missing. What's more, fucking shitcock Phil Lyon brings in some supposed "investigator" guy to grill me for two hours about the money problems. First of all, the paperwork proved me innocent. Secondly, I was working nights at that time for a major amusement park in their finance department, counting several hundred thousand dollars every night. If I wanted to snag an extra $20 (which I didn't), it would have actually been easier to get away with there, and I could have gotten a lot more.

But, in the face of obvious facts, they presist in labeling me a thief and a poor worker. The truth was they just wanted me to not work there anymore, but they just COULDN'T be honest about it. Oh no! They have to be a bunch of fuckwads and employ character assassination, spread lies about me to the other staff members (that I just walked out during my shift; look up Brad Walk to get verification of this as bullshit), and do everything in their power to defile my good name. This is the one thing I really, REALLY can't stand. It's the kind of thing that gets my blood pressure up, that makes me want to go break something or someone.

Back to today, calling me a racist is not only an insult to my character and personality, but it's just plain stupid. My last girlfriend was Hispanic. I've had friends from Cuba, India, Portugal, England, the Czech Republic....blacks, whites, hispanics, orientals, indians, gays, straights, lesbians.....why would I befriend all of these people if I have such pent up disdain for people unlike myself? I know, I know....the prick who accused me doesn't know any of this. Doesn't know me. Couldn't be bothered to make an inquiry before slinging accusations. Why get to know someone when you can just label them something awful with so much less effort?

What's more, me and a few of my coworkers are pretty sure we know who it is. This person has defended every stupid mistake our outsourcing Indian buddies have made, because "this person" was involved in their training and believes that if you say something against them, you're saying it against "that person." I they feel threatened by the presence of people who actually work for a living. Are we the replacements? Does that scare them? Cards have been shuffled all over the table lately, employment-wise. Nothing would surprise me at this point, including finding out that I'm being let go for writing this here post. Fine. Whatever. I will NOT stand by and wait for a false accusation to stick.

The same thing happened to my mom a few years ago. She's been a foster parent for many years now (more than I can remember), and when one of the kids started coming to school with a bruise here and there (because he PLAYED OUTSIDE, god forbid), some fucker started slinging accusations of abuse. It's a much more complicated story than I care to get into here, but it's all bullshit. My mom is a fucking saint, through and through. I lived there, and if anything was going on, I would have put a stop to it myself. But, she sat back and let these "unsubstantiated allegations" stick and did nothing to clear her name. This happened at least twice in different circumstances, and I just watched her more and more adopt a "can't-do" attitude about it, her reputation come into question, and eventually get offered only the most high-risk cases.

By the way, those of you with rose-colored glasses who think foster parenting is all fun and games, you need whacked in the head with a board. It's not pleasant letting the future felons of America live in your house with you. Sure, there are mentally and physically handicapped kids who pose numerous individual challenges of their own, but don't make it out to be some piece of cake thing. Raising any kid is a chore, let alone ones you had no hand in shaping, dropped on your doorstep with all sorts of fucked up morals and expectations of the world.

Now, where was I....ah yes. I couldn't stand watching her do nothing when her reputation came into question, and can't allow myself to do what she did. I'm going to make some fucking noise while I'm still on this planet, and I'll rattle my saber to set the record straight whenever I have to. Consider it rattled. I am NOT a racist, a thief, or an apathetic layabout. Got it? MAN this pisses me off.

And leave some goddamn comments, people!!

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elvira black said...

Yes, I think when people try to defend ineptitude by deflecting all criticism as "racist," that is reprehensible. I also understand your disgust with the way your mother's reputation was sullied.

I've had a rough day myself, so I'll keep my comment short, at least for now. But I hear you loud and clear!!!