Sunday, December 18, 2005

Pass it on

I struggle to understand how this kind of shit can be allowed to go on in the modern world. I know we need to focus on the individual (and chop his cock and balls off and make him eat them), but like the jihad bombers, it seems like the Muslim community is just programmed to fuck up everything the free world has worked to create.

Read this.

What say you?


elvira black said...

I think if one emigrates to another country, it's not cool to try to make your adopted country conform to your rules if they infringe on others--including members of your own religious group.

For instance, the Amish give their young people a period of time to go off into the world and decide whether or not they wish to return to the fold. Othodox Jews follow their religious beliefs without abusing the world at large, and if one of their own leaves, they don't hunt him/her down for reprisals.

But the rationale here seems to be that it is ok to employ the same mysogynistic horrors one might practice in the "old country" in your adoptive land. Sorry, but if you want to do that shit, stay in your own country--because you're not going to change the culture here. Plus, it's illegal and immoral, ok?

Lord Boinkingham said...

This is a tactic used by conquerors and religious people, mainly. Missionaries, anyone? Let's go to a perfectly happy land and fuck it up by trying to CHANGE the people there (tactics of implementation may vary). Yeah, gimme a house in the middle of nowhere and leave me the fuck alone, fundamentalist buttwads.