Sunday, January 08, 2006

Because I rule

Reason #42095 why I don't deserve to be single:

[19:45] Me: this one time....
[19:46] Me: i bought a strand of gold xmas lights and put them up around the bedroom, turned out the lights, and it was glowing all candle-like
[19:46] Corrina: hehe
[19:46] Corrina: nifty
[19:46] Corrina: ambient lighting rocks
[19:46] Me: it's like a switch that flips on when i find somebody i really really like
[19:47] Corrina: I have this deal with harsh overhead lighting
[19:47] Corrina: you feel like you're being interrogated
[19:47] Me: i walk thru a store and can just think of unconventional, romantic ways to use ordinary things.
[19:47] Corrina: I'll clone you
[19:47] Me: why for
[19:47] Corrina: muahahaha
[19:47] Me: isn't one enough?
[19:47] Corrina: I don't have to say why
[19:47] Corrina: oh hell no
[19:47] Corrina: one is *never* enough
[19:48] Corrina: <~~ greedy
[19:48] Me: here's an idea.....fill an umbrella with rose petals the day before it rains, and give it to her. let her find out the surprise when she opens it later.
[19:48] Corrina: hey
[19:48] Corrina: that's uber cute
[19:48] Me: i JUST thought of it, too
[19:48] Corrina: :-)
[19:49] Me: i was like, "think of a really boring object....ok, make it romantic"

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