Thursday, January 05, 2006

I might be going away for a little while

No, not to prison or a nut house. I left my Massachusetts drama for a weekend of fun and minor debauchery in NYC for New Year's, which turned into chaos and endless drama and bullshit because of a couple of people I don't care to see anymore. Upon returning home, I find out that things here have only gotten worse, and I'm in the process of urgently finding someplace else to live.

I can't deal with it anymore. Seeing multiple puncture wounds on the leg of an eight-year-old girl, put there by the stupidest, most undisciplined dog I've ever met in my life (besides Hobbes) put me over the edge. This same dog has tried to bite me three times (no, not "playing" as they continue to argue), so I've given up trying to make nice with it. It terrorizes the cats who live here relentlessly and the mutt's "owners" refuse to acknowledge that maybe there's a behavior problem with the dog. I've had dogs all my life that got along with people and other animals just fine.

There is no sense of responsibility here, no accountability. A dog bites a little girl hard enough to draw serious blood and the "grown-ups" who own the dog show no concern or interest whatsoever. I find this situation unacceptable. I'll brave the uncertain landscape of just to get the hell out of here.

So as I secure new dwellings (and try desperately not to kill that dog), I may not be online a whole lot. I clench my teeth at this very moment when I think about how much I hate the people upstairs. I "hate" very few things in this world, so making the list is a major accomplishment. I hope once my friends and I get out of here, the fucking house collapses on the miserable people left behind.


Leslie said...

I had no idea that kind of drama was going on! Wow.

I'll be praying that you can find a new place ASAP! Keep me posted!

elvira black said...

Um. Ahem.

Lord B, is that a pic of you on your gaming blog?

If so, all I can say is, wow, wow, wowwwwwww.......

Lord Boinkingham said...

The pic Elvie speaks of has been added to my profile here, too, so give it a look and somebody tell me what all the fuss is about!