Sunday, January 08, 2006

The joys of DayQuil

I've had DayQuil before in liquicap form, but tonight I had a half-shot of it (let's be honest folks; it comes with at SHOT GLASS), and let me tell you, the straight liquid, while stronger and more brutal on your tastebuds, will hit you way faster than the caps do. It took less than ten minutes to start getting that giddy feeling. For the uninitiated, DayQuil doesn't really manage your symptoms or make your cold go away, but it also doesn't knock you flat out like NyQuil does. It hits a sort of happy medium, making you feel really swell without any sleepiness or delirium. You don't really feel any better; it just makes you not care that you're sick anymore. It's kinda like being drunk without the loss of control or risk of blowing chunks.

For example, Nick just tried to get into World of WarCraft, found 300 people in the queue ahead of him on Aggramar, and dubbed it "World of Waiting." I found this incredibly amusing due to the DayQuil. Normally this would have only been sort of amusing. Draw your own conclusions.

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