Saturday, January 07, 2006


First of all, we talked out some of the aforementioned drama, and while I am still looking for another place to stay, I don't feel quite the same sense of urgency and irritation.

Next, I finally saw the director's cut of the original Alien today. It's one of those many movies they shouldn't have cut stuff out of. I've been an Alien/Predator nut for so long, it seems stupid to cut out anything that would give people a better understanding of these e.t.'s lifecycles. With that in mind, I'd happily relocate to a universe where Alien Resurrection and the dreadful Alien vs. Predator were never made. I heard they were originally going to use one of the books in the AvP series to make the movie, and they'd have done a lot better sticking to that route. They still borrowed a number of ideas, like the Predator marking the chick at the end as an ally (they continue that story in the books). Also, those of you who think Predator 2 sucked, read the book. Almost every other chapter is written from the Predator's perspective, and sheds a LOT of light on why they do what they do, the rules they play by, who they are and are not allowed to kill, and tons more. Get inside the head of the Predator. It's pretty cool.

Third, I think I'm in love. And, as usual, it's with someone can't have.

Fourth, does it ever make you nervous going to someone's place where they use glass glasses or let guests use the nice dishes? I'm always afraid I'm gonna break something. My $1 cheapo dishes are a lot sturdier, and if they DID break, it's not like I would worry about it. Sometimes having nice things seems really stupid to me. So, of course, that's why I bought a 61" LCD HDTV.

Ahh, the dichotomy that is me.


elvira black said...

Here's one of the things I love about Alien:

It features a strong, capable, intelligent, proactive, fearless woman.

And if I were a guy, I guess I wouldn't throw her out of bed, either. Probably.

Not one of those people I could ever hope to aspire to completely, but someone to look up to, in any case.

Lord Boinkingham said...

I admire her personality, but really butch women never lit my fire. Linda Hamilton in the Terminator flicks was the same way. I like her, but I don't "LIKE HER" like her.

They're the kind of women I'd like to know, but wouldn't necessarily feel inclined to hit on.