Friday, January 27, 2006

There, now add me!

Elvira, in all her bloggy goodness, had inquired why, despite our torrid love affair of late, I had not added her to my list of suggested links on my sidebar. My explanation? I hadn't updated the template at all in ages (song of the day has become song of the year), and hadn't made time to wade thru all that ruvry HTML to find the place to put her face, which, ironically, I've never actually SEEN even tho she and many others have been going ga-ga over my new, REAL mugshot over there in my profile.

So there, I ante'd up. Got my mug up and your blog linked. IT'S YOUR TURN, GIRL!


elvira black said...

Wow, thanks, Lord B! Now you know I've had you linked on my blogroll for many a day/month, so whaddayamean "add me?"

Yes, you are quite the hunk--so much so, that I try to avoid gazing on your countenance if at all possible. But I must maintain my anonymity, so my little cartoon self and cartoon name will have to suffice here in Blogland.

Lord Boinkingham said...

Oh yeah. There it is. I scrolled thru your sidebar and somehow missed it...twice. Maybe it's not memory, but EYESIGHT that's the first thing to go. :)