Tuesday, January 24, 2006

WoW Update

Corinna has her first form, a big cuddly wuddly bear.

And this is what we eat in The Barrens. A veritable feast! This little piggy went in my stomach.

Corinna is up to level 17 I believe (dinged 3 times yesterday alone!), and I'm working on getting her water form (a sea lion, I think), but it'll be some work. Kneegrah is parked at level 22, and I'll probably be milking some hefty rested bonus later today with him for a bit. I got some critters that need poked in the eye.

A couple other things about Corinna, sexy Night Elf Vixen that she is...I must have been a chick in a former life, because I feel so delectable in this new sorta bikini top armor I have, and now that I've started tinkering with "emotes," I'm waving at and blowing kisses to and flirting with and dancing my little ho dance with EVERYBODY. If I were a girl in real life, I'd be trouble.


Leslie said...

You know, there ARE operations...

Lord Boinkingham said...

Well, I'd have to be a lesbian (GOD I love the feel and smell of females), and I am rather attached to my penis, in more ways than one.